Wednesday, May 20, 2015

There's no crying in baseball.

(I wear my Jim Beam shirt to the ball park- let it go).

In the last few weeks I've been to more softball games than my entire life combined. I didn't play softball, none of my close friends played softball, it just wasn't for us. Not saying that there's anything wrong with being active in community sports, it just wasn't in the cards for any of us. We were doing other things. Things like..... well, never you mind what we were doing, we'll just say not sports and leave it at that.

But Solae is playing and Momma and I (along with Aunt Poot) have yet to miss a game. That's right, we've been there cheering her on and showing our pride. What can I say? The little girl makes us smile. And watching the games are pretty entertaining as well. I mean, who would've thought? I never would have. All I'm saying is, had I known that you got a parade when you played softball, then I might have considered it.

The family sits in our little fold out chairs with our drinks and we laugh and carry on. I'm surprised that at some point we haven't gotten kicked out. In all honesty, we're loud. Not mean or nasty, just loud. She has three games this week. Last night, Thursday and Friday. I think her team slept through the game last night, the balls just flew and rolled right by them and they hardly acknowledged them. It must've just been one of those days.

There's a thing called Defeat and then there's whatever in the hell happened out on that field last night. Seriously. The ball rolled across the field past three different girls, they all watched it and then one from the opposite side of the field ran over to get it and threw it in, because the original three just stared at it. It was like watching the Walking Dead, except without all the good parts and Daryl Dixon (which is in all honesty, the good parts).

We were comparing the game to different movies and shows that are softball (technically baseball, but close enough) related. Momma was probably the most accurate as she went with the Bad News Bears. You know, before they had Kelly Leak. Ashley was going with Angels in the Outfield (they could've used a miracle) and Val just kept screaming- BUELLER. I don't really know why, but it was hilarious, so we let it go. Me? I just like to go all Jimmy Dugan on people and quote A League of their Own. It's my thing, let me have it. So, here's hoping for a better game tomorrow. Wish us luck!!