Sunday, June 28, 2015

Just a little update.

(It's currently Sunday night and frankly almost my bedtime).

Not that I have a set bedtime, afterall I am grown, but when you get up at 4:40 Monday through Friday for work, you tend to try and hit the hay at a descent hour. I don't have much to say, but I just wanted to put a little update out there. (Also, I'm waiting for my toaster streusel to pop up).

  • Momma's foot is looking pretty rough these days. I know that I wrote a post detailing our little trip to the ER this past Tuesday, so I just thought I'd tell you how that's going. Frankly, it's going like shit and I'm beyond paranoid and scared that something is going to go terribly awry. I've been making sure that her foot is clean and bandaged, but I'm still scared that it's going to get infected or something. Please, just keep your fingers crossed like me that everything keeps going on the good and that she's gonna be ok. She has to be ok.

  • The Supreme Court passed the ruling that gay people (the term that they used) can be legally married in all 50 states. It's a historical event and honestly pretty cool. I don't talk about politics or anything like that on my blog, but this was something that I thought was pretty cool and wanted to just put that out there. Although, I think people (gay or straight) should put an enormous amount of thought into it before they actually get married, because marriage sounds awful to me. Just saying.

  • I'm off this Friday in observance of July 4th. Danielle and I kind of just assumed that we would be working, because the actual holiday is on Saturday. However, Roger decided that we should be off and we're not going to argue with such amazing logic.

And that's all I got for now. Momma's about to get off the phone with Aunt Susi and as soon as she does I'm going to check out her foot again and probably go to bed shortly after. We'll have to finish watching our movie (Cake) tomorrow or something, I guess.