Monday, July 20, 2015

Just call me Gimpy.

This past weekend was eventful. And by eventful, I mean, I didn't sleep that much and we were constantly on the go. It just seems like we didn't sit down for more than a couple of minutes at a time.

Uncle Darrell had The Boogie this past Thursday-Sunday morning (he got home early yesterday morning- also, Ashely and Val went too), so we all decided to get together and do a little something fun.

Friday night we all (Momma, Aunt Poot, Greg, Solae and I) went out to supper. We tried a new place called Jaggers, and it was pretty good. Not gonna lie, I put too much dressing on my salad (chicken ceasar.....YUM!!), but it was pretty delicious. Seeing us all get there had to be up there in the hilarious category though, because it was storming like crazy. 

These are the best pictures that I could get of the sky on our way home. The rest of the day, it was raining too much to get any. I know, I tried.

And nothing says eventful, like a thunderstorm (including thunder, lightning and a plethora of heavy downpour rain) and rush hour traffic combined. This weather lately has reminded me of that good ole Tennessee weather that I'm accustomed to. Perhaps, they're trying to bring pieces of me from my old home to my new. I won't argue, I always slept better during thunderstorms anyways. Besides, I miss Tennessee, so anything that reminds me of it is pretty welcomed in my book.

After we were done eating, we took Greg and Solae to Toy'R'Us and then headed home. Momma and I had to take Greg to work and then we went home, got our showers and headed off to bed. You know, before going to pick Greg up at 4:00 am, taking him to Ashley and Val's (he was house sitting), stopping by McDonalds to grab a little breakfast (Once again, YUM!!) and then heading back home.

We eventually got everything around the house done that we wanted to and headed on over to Aunt Poot's. We had all planned to go to the fair Saturday evening, but we found out that it didn't start until last night. Therefore, they all made the plan to go to Rascal's instead. If you've never heard of Rascal's and have no clue what it is, don't feel bad, I didn't either.

But just so you know, it's a place where kids (and adults) go to ride go-karts, play mini golf, play games and eat crap. It's pretty cool. I let Greg and Solae talk me into doing everything with them and on our next to last race Greg hit me and one other girl causing her to crash full speed into me, head on. Don't worry, we were both ok, and I had already kicked his ass all day (and after that), but I've been extremely sore ever since. Whoever says that you can't get hurt while on those things, I have one thing to say to you. LIARS.

On our way to Rascal's we stopped at a gas station and "met" the Blues Brothers. It was pretty damn cool. 

P.s. We all had a lot of fun. I just wish Momma and I had gotten to get into the photobooth. Hopefully, next time!!

Yesterday, we headed over to see Uncle Darrell (he was extremely tired) and Momma and I took Greg to get his haircut, and we had to pick up a few things at Walmart, Solae road with us. After we dropped them back off, we headed home to rest and next thing you know, we were getting a phone call inviting us down to Josh and Sherry's for her youngest sons (impromptu) 16th birthday party. So, we went, because we didn't want to hurt any feelings. And we got home, Greg took a shower, we took him to work, got home, Momma took her shower and I bandaged her foot. Then I took my shower and I went to bed about an hour after her, we went and got Greg at 4 am this morning.

It was a real fun weekend, but I'm extremely tired and sore. I'm not sleeping good, I assume because I can't get comfortable from being so sore.

(Aunt Poot sent the movie- The Longest Ride home with Momma Friday afternoon so we could watch it. She knows about my huge crush on Clint Eastwood and it stars his son. We still haven't watched that damn thing yet. We plan to though!! Eventually.)

Also, I've been watching the show- Burn Notice. You know, to deal with my insane love for Bruce Campbell and I just finished Season One before going to bed last night. What can I say? I like it.