Tuesday, August 11, 2015

I laughed so hard that milk came out of my nose.

(Tayder is just the cutest little "hunter" around).

Ever since I have gotten Netflix I decided to try out some different shows. You know, shows that I've never seen, or it's been quite a few years since I have. I started out small, only watching- Burn Notice. And that lasted into season five and now they've added a new guy and I just don't know anymore. Don't get me wrong, I still want to finish it, but I decided I needed to break it up a bit.

Enter- That 70s Show. I watched this show more than I can count and have loved it for years. It literally came out when I was a kid (1998) and even though I didn't understand half the jokes or references, I still loved it. But I couldn't leave well enough alone, because then I had to start adding one more.....and another.....and another. And now, I have started like six or seven shows. And it's one of those- "I intend to finish them all", but then things get completely out of control and next thing you know, I've started ALL the shows.

So far- Burn Notice, That 70s Show, Hemlock Grove, Queer as Folk (Judge if you want, but that show is hilarious and Brian McKinney is fine as hell!!), and now.....

The League.

Uh, how have I not watched this show before?! It's damn hilarious!! If you haven't ever heard of it (Don't feel bad, I was left out in the cold too), I'll give you a little rundown: Five guys are in a Fantasy Football League (with three additional players that live out of town) and one guys wife really wants to be in the league, but they won't let her, so she just helps other players for revenge.

Danielle told me about it awhile back, but I thought- How much fun can watching some people play Fantasy Football be? The answer is- Damn hilarious!! I was going through a few shows yesterday evening trying to find something that held my interest and just couldn't stick to anything. I ran across- The League, and thought what the hell, I'll watch a couple episodes to see what it's all about and see if it's any good.

I'm currently on season two. Yes, shit escalated that quickly. But I mean, when you have a character named Taco and you have lines like this-

"There’s a really distinctive smell of embarrassment in here. Seems to also be seasoned with a lovely aroma of shame and marinated in a thick sauce of regret, so that’s just fucking great."

How do you not love it? So, that's where I was last night. I was watching The League and finally ate chips/salsa and sour patch kids for supper. Because I'm an adult, that's why! Thank God we're going to the grocery store tonight. Also, Tayder (You know, "The Great White Hunter") caught a damn mouse last night (he's the best cat-dog in the world!!) and I had to get it away from him and take it out to get rid of it, because my brother is a scaredy-cat and a poon. That is all.