Thursday, September 3, 2015

You need to check out. Bitch. (Scene Two).

(I hate having a damn toothache).

Last Wednesday I wrote a post that wasn't very nice. I cussed people and called them all unhelpful idiots, and was waving to them using only my middle finger. Do I want to apologize for it? Hell no, I meant it. All of it.

However, I didn't get the tooth pulled last Thursday (my actual appointment day). I went to my appointment and they took X-rays and informed me that my problem is actually two of my back teeth (TWO) and that the very back one had nerve damage with a plethora of infection on top of it. Hence the pain. Therefore, they couldn't pull my tooth because A: I wouldn't stay numb enough, long enough, because the infection would eat the novocaine and B: If they pulled it with all of the infection on top of the nerve damage, it could spread to all of my other teeth. That just doesn't sound pleasant.

So, I was given antibiotics and pain meds and told that I had to be on the antibiotics for a week. Lovely. You know, because antibiotics don't make you feel gross. I haven't taken all of the pain meds, because I figured if I don't need them, don't take them "just because". That's how people build up a tolerance and then when you need them to help, they don't.

I'm not saying that my mouth still isn't hurting, because it is. It has continued to hurt this whole week, but it just hurts, it's not so excruciatingly painful that I want to chop the entire right side of my head off. So, you know, silver lining. I've just been eating my antibiotics and ibuprofen like they're candy.

But today is the day that I go back to have it dealt with. My back tooth is being pulled and the one in front drilled and filled. I'm having it done this evening, but it shouldn't take too awfully long, and she said it'll hurt more, because of the nerve damage, but it would feel a whole lot better by probably Sunday. And even though I have to work tomorrow (I was kind of hoping to just sleep in and take pain meds when needed while in sweatpants and watch- Peaky Blinders), it won't be so bad, because after tomorrow I get three days off (Labor Day weekend). Wish me luck.