Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Fish frys and yoga mats.

(Coincidentally, this picture has nothing to do with either of those things).

{{Before I begin, let me tell you what a guy at work said to me first thing (like 6:30 am) this morning when I got to the office. Doug: "Katie, I have a poltergeist in my office and I'm scared." Me: "A poltergeist?" Doug: "Yes, a poltergeist. Can you come check it out for me?" Me: "What good am I if your office has a poltergeist?!" Doug: "In the movie it was a girl that defeated them. And you're wearing boots." Me: "That girl was like four, had blonde hair and got sucked into a tv. Also, I don't know what my boots have to do with this, but ok, I'm kinda curious now." So, I went into his office and sure enough on the computer screen in the corner of the office (all of the guys use that one for prints) it was blinking on and off really fast and Doug and I had to discuss how to kill a poltergeist. Luckily for us, I've watched Dean and Sam Winchester do it before.}}  

Friday (November 6): Of course, I was at the office my usual hours (6:30-3:30) and when I got off, Momma, Greg and I had some errands to run. Momma and I had to swing by to make a payment on some things, Greg had to run to Wal-Mart to pick up some meninine (I totally just made that word up) needs and he ended up picking us up sandwiches for supper. When we got home, Ashley dropped Solae off (Ashley and her wife were going out of town for their 1st anniversary- until Sunday) and she stayed with us until Sunday after the fish fry. 

Saturday (November 7): Momma and I rode down to Aunt T and Uncle Clyde's with Aunt Poot. We went to see them over the summer and have been meaning to go back down (they live in Seymour, IN- about an hour or so South of us), but this past weekend was the first chance that we had gotten. In pure Aunt T fashion she had already made us lunch and had brownies and lemonade waiting for when we got there. Traffic was ridiculous (why they feel the need to merge a four lane highway into a one lane all at once is beyond me), but it was completely worth it. We all talked, met a woman that I guess is my Grammy's sister (I had no clue she existed, I thought Grammy only had brothers), and Uncle Clyde showed me some of his gun/knife collection and invited Poot and I to "Friendship" with him in the Spring (it's a giant re-enactment/camping thing). While I probably won't stay the night down there (I don't like leaving Momma overnight and camping isn't really my thing anymore), it was nice of him to offer and Poot and I will probably go spend the day down there with him. The trip home was much more smooth.

Sunday (November 8): First off, Uncle Darrell brought our new washer over first thing in the morning and hooked it all up (our washer decided to blow up sometime at the beginning/middle of last week- we had a guy come to "fix" it and he did absolutely nothing, but charge $70, and that's not me being dramatic). Needless to say he's (Uncle Darrell- not the "repair" guy) as awesome as always. Aunt Mary had her annual fish fry and it was a pretty good turn out (Momma, Greg and I rode with Poot, Uncle Darrell, Solae and Sammy out there- Sammy is their grandson/my little cousin). We made this broccoli/cheddar pasta salad stuff and everybody that ate it said it was really good (I didn't try it myself, I tried enough noodles while I was cooking it). We all laughed, talked and cut up, it was nice. Of course, you always have to have that one person to be an asshole to someone for no reason at all (YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE), but other than that, it was good. Before we left, Aunt Mary told me that I could borrow some movies and then she gave me a yoga mat, because I had been talking about maybe trying to take up yoga (I have to get a book or DVD or something- I'm hoping it will help my back) and she was all- "I TOTALLY HAVE A YOGA MAT THAT YOU CAN HAVE! HERE!! TAKE IT!!!" She always tries to be really helpful to people over any and everything.

Also, Saturday was the first time that I had brushed my hair in a week and decided to take a picture to commemorate it.