Friday, November 6, 2015

Call me the crazy cat lady.

(And if you're wondering, the other half of this picture had a dog in it).

When most people think of a "crazy cat lady" their mind immediately goes to some old lady with her gray hair in a bun, glasses pulled down on her face and she's the proud owner of about thirteen cats whom are her only company.

I have a dog. (And he's the absolute best).

But don't count me out as a "crazy cat lady" just yet. You see, not only do people think of "little gray haired ladies" as the "crazy cat ladies", but it's also used to describe single gals. I.e. Me.

It's a running joke, but I'm pretty sure that it's one of those jokes that people repeat all in good humor, but there's also a lot of merit behind it. The saying goes- "I'm single forever, I might as well go adopt a bunch of cats".

For one, if that's your mentality then I assume you think you suck, so if no one else wants to spend time with you, why would you make a poor/defenseless animal do it against its will? Rude.

Secondly, think a little bit more of yourself. Chances are you're a great lady that just hasn't found your compatible counter part. Why should that be considered a bad thing? Personally, I've been single for around three years (taboo for a 25 year old woman) and I couldn't be happier.

Are there times that I think it would be nice to have a significant other to cuddle with and share my thoughts and feelings?

Eh, I'm not really good with the whole "sharing" thing. Can I offer you a sarcastic comment instead? Those I have.

I just don't feel like you have to have a significant other in your life to define and fully appreciate yourself. I guess, I just don't require that kind of validation. Don't get me wrong, we all like attention and to feel "wanted" on occasion, but I like to do things when, how and with whom I want. I like having the "freedom" of it all.

A random cat showed up at our house over the past weekend. It appears to be a house cat that someone has randomly dropped off (P.s. whomever you guys are that did that- you're assholes). Everybody immediately took to it, but it seems to only want affection and/or attention from me.

I couldn't figure out why. I don't "hate" cats or anything, but I've always been a consistent dog kind of gal. Probably because dogs are more cuddly and I'm allergic to cats. But this cat has been on it when it comes to capturing my attention. It has even gone so far as to climb atop our handrails to peer into our house.

My brothers girlfriend decided to make the wise crack to me- "It probably wants all of your attention, because it can see your future. You're going to be a crazy cat lady!! (Insert laughter from her here)".

First things first, shut up.

Second, if you think that I'm going to be insulted by what you just implied, you are mistaken. I hear women in my everyday life, whether it be in person, social media, radio, or somewhere else on the internet complaining about their significant others. (And no, it's not just females complaining, but males to. I don't think that "all men are assholes" and it's "us" against "them" or something. No. Because we all know that there are plenty of females that suck to).

And since I like being single and all that it implies (I've never wanted to be married or have kids, nothing against those who do, it's just not for me), I don't find it offensive at all. In fact, I think of it this way:

Either I can have a significant other who's an asshole (and no, I'm not saying that everyone is, I'm not that jaded, but obviously if you know anything about my track record you know that I seem to have a type..... And that type always seems to land on asshole) and make myself unhappy.

Or, I can adopt a random cat, keep living for myself instead of others and let people think what they will about it (along with all of the other decisions in my life that they feel they should have an opinion on). I think I'm going to take the cat. I'll just keep feeding it dog food and giving it bowls of milk to drink. Crazy cat lady?

Bring it.