Thursday, November 5, 2015

If only Norman Reedus would bring me a salad.

(And teach me how to shoot a crossbow).

I've had the worst craving for a chicken salad the last few days. Not like a chicken salad sandwich, but an actual salad with chicken on it. I had one last week for lunch and ever since I finished that one I've wanted another one. Just call me a little piggy.

In my defense, the salads that I get/make/eat are beyond delicious. You see, most people eat salads for the health factors (i.e. weight loss, vitamins, etc), but I eat salads strictly for the taste value. So, while everybody is over there munching on plain ole broccoli with kale and vinegar, I can have a great salad complete with cheese, fried chicken strips (although I do like grilled strips too), dried pepper flakes and creamy dressing (no vinegar and oil for me, I want ranch or french!!). Maybe I can talk Momma into picking up dinner out tomorrow night. Salad with chicken..... or Tex-Mex. You know, which ever comes first.

Also, I really wanted to use that picture at the beginning of a post. I have other things to say. I swear I do, but the only thing that I can think of at this present time is- FOOD. Just all of the food. Give me all of it. I want breakfast, lunch, dinner and lots of snacks. I can't seem to satisfy my appetite lately. It's like I want something, but then I want fifteen other things.

Maybe I'm a vampire or something. You know, not fully turned yet, but starving due to "the hunger". Ok, that's it, I have got to quit watching the Syfy channel. I'm over here trying to blame me being hungry on 30 Days of Night (great movie by the way- Hello Josh Hartnett- I've always had a somewhat unhealthy love for him).

I know that that's not really why I'm hungry, and once I eat I'm perfectly fine. I don't want you to think that I feel the need to eat 24/7, that's not it. It's just the fact that I had to skip breakfast this morning (running late for work) and it's not quite time for lunch yet. So you know, there's that. I made some delicious chicken strips for supper last night and probably could've eaten all of them, but didn't, because I didn't want to cook more of them. Maybe I'll cook some more of them tonight for supper. Again.

I'll quit talking about this now.