Wednesday, November 4, 2015

It's probably global warming.

(Or something along those lines).

The weather has been completely ridiculous the last few months. The temperature has been everywhere from 37 degrees to 98 degrees. And no, that is not me being dramatic, that is me being factual. Winter stuck around a little extra this past year (i.e. April), so Summer had a late start. I assume that's how weather works, I really have no idea though.

But the last few months have completely thrown every one of us for a loop. When September rolled around we all started to prepare ourselves for Autumn weather. Afterall, it had dropped down to the 40s and 50s, so why wouldn't we? Psych!! It reached 47 in the middle of September and then immediately shot back up to 92.

September is known to be a fickle little minx, so we didn't really put too much thought into it. Then October rolled around and people started breaking out their sweatpants (joke is on you guys, I always wear sweatpants- because comfort!!) and scarves to once again prepare themselves for Autumn. I was wary of this, because our house doesn't have A/C and I knew it was staying way to warm in there for the whole "winter is coming" moment. Guess who was right? Me.

The weather literally dropped to the 30s-40s for four days and then shot back up to the 80s. It really can't decide what it wants to do. My relationship with this weather is literally like all of the romantic relationships from my past. It's indecisive, makes you angry and basically it's just a giant pain in the ass, because it's not what you want.

Don't get me wrong, I am in no way wanting it to get cold. I'm ok with Autumn weather, but I am no longer a fan of Winter weather. It's cold and wet and woefully unpleasant. I worry about Momma, I have to scrape windows and I fall enough in my everyday life, let alone when you cover everything in ice. Not to mention the pain. Don't ask.

However, if it wanted to be Autumn weather until it decided to be Summer again, that would be perfectly fine with me. But instead, here it is- November 4th and it's 73 degrees outside, but this weekend is supposed to be in the high 40s-low 50s. I don't even know what in the hell is happening.