Tuesday, November 3, 2015

WHY SO SERIOUS?!!! I hugged the Joker on Halloween.

(Not Heath Ledger, Jack Nicholson or Jared Leto, but the other one).

This past Saturday was Halloween and as per Momma and I's tradition (the last few years) we headed on over to Aunt Poot and Uncle Darrell's to get drunk eat supper and pass out candy. We started going to their house for holidays a few years back, because it's typically only the four of us. Greg does whatever it is that he does and their kids do God only knows what. So, a few years back Uncle Darrell decided that we should all get together for holidays and it's stuck ever since. Which we're good with.

Halloween. It's my favorite holiday by far and I think we should celebrate it at least four times a year. And that's the minimum. You see, I'm one of those creepy people that is a horror fan through and through all year round, not just for the month of October. I enjoy dressing up, I adore horror films and let's face it- candy for every meal? Yes, please. As I've gotten older I've realized that I can combine all of those with alcohol and I've never looked back. Celebrating Halloween (horror movies, candy, alcohol, candy, costumes, decorations, candy) is like seeing my little dreams come true.

{{Side note: Also, for years upon years now I've wanted to be Mia Wallace for Halloween, but haven't found my Vincent Vega in a significant other yet. The John to my Uma you might say. One day though, one day.}}

Saturday Momma and I kind of hung out at the house and just chilled. Aunt Poot and Solae had come down earlier that morning and visited, and then we cleaned our house and did odd and end things. And by odd and end things I mean she did her computer thing and Tayder and I curled up in the chair to watch Halloween Wars. We headed down to Aunt Poot's between 4:30-5:00. Trick-or-Treating wasn't supposed to start until 6:00, but tell that to sugar hungry five year olds. Heathens.

I took over the "candy hander outer" (no, we don't have a better name for it) duties and Uncle Darrell made us girls (mainly Momma, Aunt Poot and myself) hot apple cider..... with Hot Damn in it. What?! It was full of deliciousness. Aunt Poot got tipsy, I was feeling good, but Momma was lit up. (And it was damn hilarious).

{{Side note #2: I didn't realize that my grown ass cousin Ashley was so scared of Freddy Kreuger. I mean, don't get me wrong when I was a kid he scared the crap out of me. When the remake came out in 2010 I figured I was a grown ass woman and would be fine, so I went to see it in the theater on a date and then spent the next two weeks not sleeping. So I get it, he creeps me the hell out to. However, she ran from a seven year old dressed as Freddy Kreuger and hid behind Uncle Darrell. Dude, she could've took him.}} 

We passed out candy and hung out for hours (plus, had "mummy dogs") and eventually we headed home (the next day I helped Uncle Darrell take down their Halloween decorations and then took ours down too). And now I'm sad that October and all of the Halloween goodness is over. But we had a blast this time around!! No worries, I will continue my creepiness and horror film fanaticism (along with my questionable wardrobe choices) for this next year and many years to come (i.e. all of them).