Monday, November 30, 2015

On the last day of November.

(Because I couldn't think of a different title).

I can't believe that it's already that time of year to send out Christmas cards. And yes, I am very "old schooled" like that and feel the need to send out Christmas cards. I just think that it's a little something nice to do to let people know that you are in fact thinking about them (even the ones that you might not like that much). I only send cards to those I love the most (plus one or two, because I feel obligated now).

I'm trying to feel very optimistic for this coming year. Afterall, I'm not getting any younger (here comes 26..... oh, 25..... we barely knew one another.....) and I've always been a fairly optimistic person in the first place. Even when things are completely horrible, I try to find a silver lining. It's both a curse and enlightening.

But, not to jump too far ahead of myself (I've had a bit too much sugar for this early in the day- you think that my body would just be used to it by now). We're one day away from December 2015 and I'm just now having to wear my heavy coat outside (I leave for work at 6:00 am- it's real cold then!). Not to mention that I'm in a good mood today. I don't have a reason for it, I just am. I'm both happy and suspicious of it..... it happens that way alot for me.

What can we expect in December? Who in the hell knows. I myself am no psychic and I kind of like "flying by the seat of my pants" or however that saying goes. But I think we should all make a list of "maybes" that might happen in December (and follow into the new year).

  • Maybe: you'll finally put up that pesky Christmas tree that they've been bugging you about (but you'll probably be drunk for it, because that's the only way to decorate)
  • Maybe: you'll look that guy up on social media, because you think he may no longer be a psycho (he's probably still a psycho, but- YOLO)
  • Maybe: you'll finally lose that extra pesky 45-60 pounds that you've just been keeping out of pure laziness (or maybe you'll decide to keep them for warmth and your inherent laziness- whatevs, they're not that bad)
  • Maybe: you'll finally wear something besides sweats on the weekends (most definitely not, because you love them and they understand you, why mess with a great thing?)
  • Maybe: you'll get your Christmas cards sent out on time, so they are delivered before Valentines Day (but then again, you always start out with the best of intentions)

See how I kid? I really just wanted an excuse to write something today, anything really. I could write about a million things, but honestly, none of them really stood out to me like I wanted them to. There were things to write about in my personal life (nothing juicy, so don't be too sad) and we all know that there are many things happening out in the world to talk about (but I do not want to get into the battle of politics, religious views, vaccination protocols, etc.), I just didn't know where to start, so I started from the place that I always start-

Here's hoping I make it through the rest of this Monday.