Monday, November 23, 2015

Operation: Thanksgiving 2015.

(I'm very into calling everything that is planned or I'm going to be doing- "Operation").

You know, like I'm all stealthy and militarian. That's a made up word, as I'm sure you can tell. Also, I'm pretty sure that you're not allowed to talk about your "Operations" when you're legit in the military, so I would be breaking all of the rules. Actually, I'm more than pretty sure, I'm almost 100% sure. If you're wondering, this is my way of telling all military personnel (active or retired) that I am beyond thankful for them and all that they do. From the bottom of my heart- THANK YOU. Thank you, veterans and active service men/women, for everything that you have done and continue to do!!
Ok, enough with the heavy. I just wanted to say that I am 100% thankful for them. Thanksgiving (2015) is a couple of days away and the planning has been in motion for quite some time now. And by "planning" I mean we go down to Aunt Poot and Uncle Darrell's every Thanksgiving (and Christmas and Easter and Independence Day and all the other holidays, but NOT THE POINT) to hang out and eat with them. They started inviting us down a few years ago and now it's just to the point to where we all know we're getting together for the holidays. That's the way we like it.

I'm not big on holidays. I haven't ever really been, but I do enjoy when Momma and I get to spend them with Uncle Darrell and Aunt Poot. There's no fussing, fighting, drama or unwanted boo-hooing. There's just family, laughing and food. Which coincidentally, happens to be one of mine and Uncle Darrell's favorite parts. He and I have been planning our Thanksgiving menus since August (no, I'm not kidding- we started coming up with them while drinking). We don't like to leave things to chance (only with food and alcohol, everywhere else in life we're very "YOLO").

However, even though he and I have been planning what we wanted to have since August, we never actually put forth any other plans. Such as, you know, who was going to cook what. Basically, past the part of what food we wanted to eat together at his house, we had nothing. It took the real functioning adults (Hi Momma and Aunt Poot) to actually get things nailed down. They made me compile a list (I say made me, but really they made it all up and I just wrote it for them). Here's what Momma and I are responsible for:

  • noodles (Reamen's w/broth- yum)
  • mac-n-cheese (always our "bring to")
  • rolls (I got the brown 'n serve ones- ain't nobody trying to pull a "Pioneer Woman" around here)
  • deviled eggs (that's all Momma, I would screw them up)
  • and something else, but I forget what, which I'm sure is insanely helpful (maybe mashed potatoes?)

Doesn't sound like too much, right? I'll probably get up and make it all on Thanksgiving morning (except for the deviled eggs, like I said- Momma), or I might make the noodles the night before. I don't know yet, I assume it all depends on Wednesdays mood. Speaking of Wednesdays mood, come Wednesday at 3:30 pm (hopefully sooner- please love us and let us leave way early Uncle Roger), I'm off of work until.....

6:30 Monday morning. That's right, four days off. FOUR DAYS. To be more precise:

  4  days  15  hours  55  minutes 

(Hopefully sooner- come on, be a sport!). <<<<< Not gonna happen. Aside from that, most people make a list of things that they're thankful for. I did it once as an "Instagram Challenge" and rightfully treated it as a playful thing more than a "deep/meaningful" type of thing. Mostly, because I'm an insensitive/sarcastic asshole, but also, because I try to let things that I'm thankful for be known in my everyday life. I don't want to just do it one day or one time of year. I want it to show through in my everyday life.

So, to that I say- the countdown to Thanksgiving is upon us. (2 days 9 hours 5 minutes- if anyone's keeping track). Be thankful not just on that day, but every single day. That's the way that it should be. Remember the people that don't get to spend this holiday (along with countless others) with their loved ones, and keep them in your thoughts and prayers (I.e. Don't be an asshole).