Friday, February 5, 2016

I'm not going to tell you that we had a mouse.

(And Tayder and I hunted him down..... mostly just me though).

I feel better today than I have in a week and a half.

Here it is Friday and I'm beyond ready for this weekend. Do I have amazing plans that I've been looking forward to all damn week? You bet your sweet ass I do.

Just kidding. I have "me" type of plans (i.e. sweatpants, Netflix, alcohol, randomness), but nothing that would actually qualify as "having plans." At least not to other people.

But I'm not other people, I'm me and I am very happy that it's Friday. This has been a yuck kind of week (this weather and my stomach issues can kick rocks together) and I'm ready to stay up late, sleep in (I say that like I still don't get up before 7:00 am even on my days off) and can I get some McDonald's breakfast over here?!!

If you can't tell, I'm all over the place right now. As I said earlier, I feel better than I have in a week and a half (stomach issues and no appetite- I blame this horrendous weather that is obviously going through menopause at the present time) and I just found out that Season 03 of Bates Motel comes on Netflix tomorrow (I NEED SUPPLIES TO PREPARE FOR THIS).

Also, I did my taxes this morning. And while taxes don't make me particularly giddy, the fact that they're done and I no longer have to deal with them or act as though I'm an adult about it anymore does.

When I received a message earlier (from Momma) asking me if I wanted/ needed anything in particular from the store I replied with: "Just maybe some Tropical Fruit (Dole if they have it) and some chips (Salt & Vinegar). And alcohol. SEASON 3 OF BATES MOTEL COMES ON NETFLIX TOMORROW AND I'M GOING TO NEED SUPPLIES TO PREPARE FOR THIS!!!!!"

That should tell you what my current mood for today is. TGIF.