Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Is it Monday or Tuesday?!

(I'm highly confused by life right now).

By the way, I know that it's Tuesday, but let's be honest here- IT FEELS LIKE A MONDAY. Amirite? I am. It hasn't been a bad day or anything like that, I'm just a bit thrown off with having the last three and a half days off (Dani and I..... and Tony..... got off at eleven on Friday). You know, because our company is closed on all government holidays (Memorial Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc).

And this isn't even a Mmmmooonnnnnddddaaaayyyyyyyy........... type of day, it just doesn't feel like it's Tuesday. Or something like that. Mostly, it's just confusing, because you have to remember to do all of your Tuesday stuff today. And now, I have to quit talking about how weird today feels, because I'm just confusing myself more and more.

I have to mow grass when I get home from work today. I mowed it on Friday and while it would probably be good for another day or two, we have severe thunderstorm warnings out for tonight and all day tomorrow. Which means that by the time the grass dried out enough to cut, it would be like I was playing a game of Jumanji. And while I love Robin Williams (and that movie), I don't feel like I would be real good at that. So, I better not push it.

Can I day drink today? Yes? No? Get back to me on that.