Tuesday, July 12, 2016

What in the hell is a Pokeyball?!

(Great. I'm nine all over again.).

Danielle and I just had the most ridiculous conversation ever. Ok, it was pretty tame for us, but still, damn it man. Have y'all heard of this new thing called- PokémonGo? I'm sure you have, because even if you're like me, you can't not see people posting memes and FB status updates about it.

(Side note: Whatever happened to FB just being for ways to randomly look at the hot dude that you never legit talked to until you got drunk that one time and to see if that bitch you used to work with got arrested again?).

The point is, it's everywhere. I haven't seen people this excited since they found out there are ways to break into their significant others Iphone and there's even an app for it. Did you just look that up? Seriously, is there and app for that or did I just come up with the next great idea for crazy bitches? We'll get back to that later. First things first.

Danielle: Is that how you catch a Pokémon? You throw a Pokeyball at it?
Katie: **blank stare**
Danielle: WHAT?!
Katie: How in the f*ck would I know that?
Danielle: I don't know. I just figured you would know.
Danielle: I DON'T KNOW. Because I didn't so I figured you did.
Katie: The only thing I know about Pokémon is that the boys in fourth grade had a bunch of them on cards and got really pissed off when you accidentally spilled your Gatorade on them.
Danielle: Really, Katie?!
Katie: Fine. It was a Bug Juice, BUT STILL.
Danielle: We're old as shit.
Katie: Speak for yourself.

Just so y'all know, the boy that I accidentally spilled the bug juice on tried to make me eat dirt at recess in retaliation for his cards being wet. He didn't succeed, but he tried. Ass.

And that my friends, is how this Tuesday is going. All 106 degrees of it.