Monday, August 8, 2016

I would be teasing you about the fact that you're almost thirty.

(A little quip about friendship- happy birthday, punk).

Today is, or I guess you would say was, my sweet friend Corey's twenty-ninth birthday. That's right, on August 08, 2016 he would've turned twenty-nine and the world could have celebrated the fact that on this day in 1987 a little piece of miracle was born.

You ever have those moments that stick in your brain no matter what you do? Or, you have something that you never get rid of, because you want to be able to look back on it? Whether it makes you happy or sad, you hold onto these things and you refuse to let them go?

Just like people. No matter if they're there with you or not, you hold onto them as a source of comfort, or a distant memory that you try to let go of and just can't seem to let yourself.

In the interest of full disclosure, I should tell you, I still have all of the messages that my sweet friend and I sent back and forth to each other. I can't seem to erase them, and honestly I have no intention of it. It's probably a weird thing to keep, but it seems perfectly normal to me. Besides, neither of us were very good at being streamline normal in the first place.

And would you like to know what the last words shared between us were?

Katie: "You're an ass."
Corey: "Yeah, you love my ass, though."

You read that right. I called him an ass, and he just laughed at it. Which, if you were around us at any point from the time we met as kids well into adulthood, you would know that's usually how all of our conversations went. I would call him out on being a punk, and he would spin it around right back at me. And then we would both laugh at it.... what else are you supposed to do?

Happy birthday, punk. You're still an ass, and I still love you for it. Love, Katie Ruth.