Tuesday, August 9, 2016

How an 80s show created in the new millennium blew my mind.

(Y'all, the Duffer brothers? Geniuses.).

Have y'all watched Stranger Things on Netflix yet? In case you haven't, stop right where you are and go watch it immediately. Mostly, because there are going to be MAJOR SPOILER ALERTS all over the place, and because you DO NOT want to miss this show. Seriously, go ahead, I'll wait.

............ don't worry, I'm waiting........

............  fret not, still waiting (patiently)........

Did you watch it? Did you love the hell out of it? Because if you say no, I'm pretty sure that we can't be friends and there is something for real wrong with you. And not the whole, "you're a freak" kind of wrong with you (I love weird people, because let's be honest, I'm weird as shit myself), but the kind of "we could never be friends because we have nothing in common" kind of strange.

For people who did love the show, step right up, because we've got some major recapping, speculating, and madness to get to.

Y'all. FOR REAL. Was this show not the best thing that you've seen in WAY TOO LONG?!! This past Sunday, Momma and I decided (mostly I decided, because she was still asleep when I turned the TV on- she woke up right as it was starting) to give Netflix/Winona Ryder's new show a go. We figured, the least we could do was watch the first episode to see what it was all about and decide if it was worth watching all the way through eventually..... We finished it Sunday night. Yeah, we binge watched it from beginning to end, because we couldn't stop ourselves.

Aunt Poot called and invited us down for supper at around five in the evening and even though we went, we paused right where we were, and almost couldn't pull ourselves away long enough to do anything partially productive.

Side note: I will never listen to The Clash the same way without thinking of little Jonathan (Should I Stay or Should I Go...... sorry).

The point is, we were going to just watch the first episode, maybe two, like we do almost every other show and then don't go back and finish like we plan to (I'm looking at you Blacklist, Baby Daddy, Burn Notice, Penny Dreadful, Hell on Wheels, Supernatural, and Once Upon a Time).

And it was so good that we probably could have stopped, but we had no will or intention to.

It's the Goonies, meets the X-files, meets Stand By Me, meets E.T. Why would you want to stop?! Also, the kid that plays Jonathan (I say kid, but I'm pretty sure he's just a couple of years younger than me) reminds me of little Eddie Furlong when he was in Terminator2, so clearly he's my favorite and I'm his number one fan, because how do you not love him?! (Team Jonathan over Team Steve all day every day).

As far as the other kids go? SO AWESOME. Did I mention that little Dustin has no front teeth and is about the cutest little thing that you could come across? Because he totally is. Mike reminds me of John Francis Daley from his Freaks and Geeks days, Eleven (or shall we say, El) is a constant reminder of Wil Wheaton from Stand By Me (in the cutest and greatest way imaginable), and Lucas with his Rambo bandana? YES.

Winona is at her most superb, David Harbour couldn't play a better character (going from indefinitely aloof to serious badass in 2.3 seconds), and there just isn't enough that I could say about this entire cast and concept that doesn't work and isn't fantastic. It's so incredible, that watching El and the way that the boys love her and respond to her, I half-heartedly wanted to shave my entire head and eat nothing but Eggo's for the rest of my life.

And can we just mention the best parts of this series? Demons coming out of the walls, communicating via Christmas lights and ABC's, Jonathan totally whooping Steve's ass all up and down that alley, vans flipping/arms breaking/people peeing their pants via telekinesis?!! YES.

I totally can't wait for the sequel/season 2, whatever you want to call it. As soon as we finished it I was so sad that there wasn't more. (Am I the only one that isn't incredibly sad about Barb? Don't get me wrong, I liked her alright, but I have more pressing matters to attend to- aka everything else).

Here's to you, kids. Watch it. Immediately. And remember, in a world full of tens, be an Eleven.