Thursday, September 8, 2016

The sentiment that you say vs. What we all actually see.

(A little quip about social media love).

I know that I am not the only one that sees someone's "declarations of love" on FB (or other forms of social media) and thinks to myself- "No. Just, no." Anyone with me on this? Or, are you one of these people that feels the need to scream your "love" from the rooftops and mountain peaks?

If you're one of these people, I apologize if I'm offending you (no, I don't), and I'm not saying that you shouldn't/can't say things that are loving, or expressive of your feelings.... all I'm saying is, maybe make sure that it makes sense. It's kind of like how people also feel the need to "threaten" others with "ass whippings" and calling them a "skanky bitch" (side note: if you're going to call someone out on something like that, make sure that you also don't fit that bill) via social media. You know the kinds of people that I'm talking about. Do you ever read these posts and automatically think- "oh sweetie, noooo....."? Happened to me this morning when I read a post from a woman to her "man" and deep down just knew that she deserved better.

-And, I'm not saying that I'm perfect. Far from it, actually. Lord knows that I don't make good decisions when it comes to dating/significant others (best decision I've ever made was to just stay single, because my taste is for shit). I was raised that you are not better than anyone, but you are just as good as everyone. This isn't one of those "you're better than someone" posts. But, I mean, COME ON.

Case in point: I am FB friends with most of the people that I grew up with.... our county is small and none of us really knew a stranger or thought much about it. There is a particular guy, that bless his heart, is just a giant pain in the ass. He has been since we were kids. And for some reason, all of us caught onto it early on, but there are still grown ass women "fighting" over him. As someone who has known him for 20+ years, I'm gonna go ahead and let you know that the rest of us share a collective "WTF" when we see new posts that are shared to his page from these women. Mostly, because he's grown up to be an asshole (he used to be real nice) and he's constantly threatening to "whoop ass" even though he's had his jaw jacked, arm broken, eyes blackened, and hit by a car.... on more than one occasion. But, I digress.

To the girl that should cut her losses and move on while she still has a pinch of sanity and a legit balance in her checking account (did I mention that he also uses women for money?):

If you are trying to be taken seriously, which I know you are (because you're so "in love" and you'll be together "always and forever".... even though you've been dating on/off for six-eight months and have "broken up" and taken "breaks" at least seven times.... and those are just the ones that are documented on social media), quit trying to "call out" every single woman that wants your "man" (as someone who has known him 20+ years and grew up with him, I'm gonna go ahead and tell you, no one wants him.... it's true, all the females in our county took a vote and we decided at least 10 years ago that whoever gets stuck with that fool deserves prayers, understanding, and liquor).

If that's how you feel, say it out loud. But, be aware that not everyone is going to agree with your opinion about him being a "great man." And no, they don't have you, because he's all yours (and no one is arguing that). Your relationship is strictly for you, but he is a douche and you could do better on a whole other level. We're all thinking it (including him.... he's just hoping that you keep putting up with his bullshit until he can get to his "end game"). Whatever you decide, you just do you and be happy, darling. But seriously, did I mention that you could do better? Are you seriously honored that he "allows" you to be in his life? Because in all honesty, he should be "honored" that you haven't castrated him yet. Run. Run fast, and run far, while you still can. Seriously, do you need help? Because, we know people and we can get you help. Not like the mafia kind of help, but the "we'll pull together and fill your gas tank up" kind of help.

Sincerely, every single person that's ever met your "man."