Friday, September 2, 2016

Labor Day weekend is upon us.

(And I really didn't want to get out of bed this morning).

Y'all, after my work day today (that I desperately just wanted to sleep through.... but couldn't even sleep), I'm off for three days. Why? Because Monday is Labor Day and I now have one of those jobs in life that is sometimes closed (unlike every other job that I've ever had). And let's just say, I'm totally not sad about it. In fact, I'm the exact opposite of sad (and really glad that I don't have to mow grass this evening).

Big weekend plans? Nope. Tomorrow (Saturday) Momma and I are going with Aunt Poot down to see Aunt T and Uncle Clyde. We went down and seen them towards the end of June, but with the seasons changing and winter coming (apparently that's a thing for Game of Thrones fans?), we don't know how many trips we have left in us before we'll have to sludge through the snow and muck to make it down there.

Other than that, I'm pretty sure that we don't have any plans, whatsoever. My big plan is hopefully to take enough allergy meds to knock my bitch ass out, so I can finally get some sleep (Insomnia: Party of One, right here). That, and we'll probably chillax at the house, because that's what we like to do and I have some serious Netflixing to get on top of.... the rest of Season 5 Baby Daddy drops today and I need to know what happens with Danny/Riley.... and Tiny Tucker). Plus, you know, Movies on Demand has Me Before You and apparently I want to have some feelings or some shit.... IN THE PRIVACY OF MY OWN HOME.

We'll have the house to ourselves (Momma, Tayder, and I.... like we usually do), so I'm also hoping that I'll get to have a burrito and some pizza at some point. Because goals, people. I probably sound kind of crazy right now.... did I mention that I haven't been sleeping good (or, at all) for a few months now? It was ok at first, but now I think it's starting to catch up.

Fingers crossed that I get out of here early today. Have a fantastic weekend, have fun, and DO NOT drink and drive!!