Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Can we stop with this whole King/Queen thing?!

(I don't think that means what you think it means).

I'm assuming that you guys have seen those memes or whatever you call them, that state things like- "a queen always has her kings back" and "a king knows the value of his queen" and so on and so forth. Example:

If you guys think that "a king only bows down to his queen" then you've never heard of a little guy known as Henry VIII. Go ahead, look him up. I'll wait, because you're going to want to know how fantastic the lives of his queens (yes, plural) were.

See what I mean? Now, let's all be honest, how damn annoying is that? I mostly find it annoying, because the people that post these memes/quotes all over social media (seriously, they are everywhere and you can't escape it), make me roll my eyes about many things on a semi-daily basis.

I guess my first response to something like this being said would be- "Y'all do realize that not everybody gets to be a king/queen.... right? Like, some of you bitches are going to have to be peasants." That's just the way it goes. Kind of like not everybody gets to be the boss, some people have to be the workers, otherwise it doesn't even matter and everything would stop working.

Mostly, I see this from girls talking about their "man" and how she'd "cut a bitch" over her "man." And, I also see it from guys talking about how they'd "take a stint" and "whoop all these 'little boys' asses" over their girl. I'm just sitting over here like, I've seen both of y'alls track records and have seen you take quite a few ass whippings. Calm down, and go sit over there.

Also, this is the sixth "man" and fourth "girl" that y'all are talking about doing "anything including living/dying" for. I hate to be a hater, but YOU ARE NOT THAT IN LOVE, SIR. "Ride or Die" my ass.

That is all.