Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Foxy Knoxy.... a Netflix documentary.

I watched the Amanda Knox documentary on Netflix, so clearly, I am an expert in all things criminal justice right now. I am also an expert on this case that was prolonged throughout eight years, ruining numerous lives and I'm only three years younger than Amanda Knox herself, so we all know that means I can jump inside her crazy little mind.... right?!

No?! Fine.

But, I'm still going to talk about the documentary.... At the beginning when describing herself, Amanda says "in Seattle I was cute.... but in Italy I was the beautiful, blonde, American, and I had never been that before." Calm down, girl. You're starting to sound a bit conceded and no one likes that in a person. Just be your normal self.... unless you suck as a person.

I was seventeen when the news stories of "the infamous Amanda "Foxy Knoxy" Knox" were first splattered across every headline that you could ever possibly imagine. You couldn't go anywhere without seeing her name and face. Tabloids, news coverage, you name it, she was there. I followed along with it about as much as I could stomach and then.... years passed.

The case was still ongoing, but was traded in for even bigger media news and what they thought "the people" would want to know. And, Amanda Knox was forgotten for a couple of years.

Until 2013 rolled around and the retrial began. It was like it 2007 all over again and you couldn't go anywhere without seeing "Foxy Knoxy" (a nickname that she had once given herself- via Myspace- and the media ran with). She released a memoir discussing her side of the story and a Lifetime movie was released (in 2011, but blew up again).... because if you don't have a Lifetime movie based on you, do you really even exist?!

I can't imagine the pain that the young lady who's life was taken must feel. There is no way to know that pain without experiencing it, and I hope to never have to endure that.... to them, I send my deepest sympathies and love.

I'm kind of a documentary fiend.... I love them and have my entire life. The deeper I got into this one.... the more I couldn't believe the inconsistencies. Not from just evidence, or stories, or alibis, but.... all of it. It was just truly amazing to me how many people not only dropped the ball, but also contradicted themselves.

People always ask me the same questions after they find out I have watched the documentary/read about the case....

After review, do I think that Amanda Knox is guilty?! I don't know. Who am I to say? Do I think that she knows far more than she lets on and was perhaps involved at some point? Yes. Do I think or know for a fact that she committed the crime? No.... how could I?! The only thing that I can go with is my gut, and frankly, that's my own opinion, not that of a court of law. Do I think her boss, Patrick Lumumba, had anything to do with it?! I think he was in the wrong place at the wrong time and got sucked into the vortex as "collateral damage." Do I think that the man who was convicted and is currently in prison, Rudy Guede, had something to do with it?! Perhaps.... it certainly seems to add up much more than a lot of the theories floating around this case. A breaking and entering gone wrong makes a lot more sense than a "satanic sex triangle." Do I think that Amanda Knox's boyfriend at the time, Raffaele Sollecito, was her accomplice and in on this crime?! No, I don't. I think that he was a young kid who had been blinded by having fallen in love for the first time, and was "collateral damage" just like Lumumba.... I feel bad for him and kind of just want to give him a hug. Do I think that the whole situation could have been handled differently and in a better manner?! Absolutely. Whether that was by the officials, the public, or every single media outlet, I couldn't say. Maybe a little of all of them.

But like I said, that's just my gut feeling.... and that's not worth a whole lot to anybody except me.