Friday, January 20, 2017

We're recruiting for our Rebellion.

Remember, remember the fifth of November.... calm down y'all, I'm just playing. I mean, I am, but I'm also very serious. GOT YOU, AGAIN. I'm very rarely ever "very and/or completely serious" and if I am, some serious shit is going down.

This morning at work, we decided to take part in a rebellion.... and no, this has absolutely nothing to do with the 2017 Presidential Inauguration (although if you ask social media, they disagree.... because they apparently know more of what I'm thinking than I do). No, no matter which "side" you are on today (happy/sad/confused/devastated/ecstatic), there is no ignoring the fact that today is a serious day and we are about to have a new president.

I have decided to ignore all things political today (mostly because I'm exhausted from hearing politics for the last 1.5 years) and play with toys/use my imagination to create a fictional world for which me and all of my loved ones/friends/all the dogs in the world will reside.

Because mature.

And also, we had an entire van full of Nerf guns and laser tag. What are two grown women, one almost twenty-seven, the other coming up on the eighth anniversary of her twenty-ninth birthday supposed to do? They should probably just let well enough alone and wait for the toys to be taken to the neighborhood kids....

Or, they could pose for pictures and bring tiny little pea-shooters into their office to screw with everybody that comes in contact with them for the entire work day. Pictures and fun, it is!! Afterall, I've watched Rambo four nights in a row (#noregrets), so I'm pretty hyped up to be holding such a massive piece of heavy (fake) artillery.

I tell you, when I was a little girl my imagination ran wild. There was nothing that I couldn't accomplish and some of the things that I came up with would probably make a very exciting sci-fi/fantasy movie (Side note: I totally thought quicksand was going to be a much bigger problem in my adult than it actually is). As an adult, my imagination really hasn't slowed down any.

It's quite distracting at times. I am always rising above scenarios that will literally never happen (when am I ever going to need to know how to not only win a dance off, but also diffuse a bomb, and beat Bobby Flay?), but I constantly win arguments that don't even make sense.... unless they're in my head, that is.

The point is, when someone is ready to indulge in my crazy, I go for it. Don't worry, we're not doing anything dangerous (unless you count shooting Nerf guns while listening to gangsta rap dangerous).... and we're only shooting our two warehouse guys and Dani's husband, so everything is good around these parts. Also? It's Friday. And we love Friday around these parts.

It's my second favorite F word.