Monday, June 5, 2017

It's always cold in doctors offices and waiting rooms.

A little while back I had mentioned that Momma had to have surgery on her left eye to fix the problem she was having (her retina had become detached and needed immediate attention). That was about five months ago and since then she's had two more surgeries.

And I haven't mentioned it until now (except on Instagram), because I'm horrible and forget to fill the world in on things that I'm already aware of.

The second surgery didn't go as lovely as one would hope and that's why the third surgery was put into place.... except we were pretty happy to find out that not as much was wrong the third time going in as they had originally expected (yay!!).

And while we were all extremely happy that it went smoothly and things are looking up for the most part, the day was not without its.... moments.

Originally her surgery had been scheduled for 10:00am (6/1), so I went to work for a couple of hours and left to head out to her appointment. While it was scheduled for 10:00 am they didn't get her in until late.... like, 1:00 pm. While the surgery was easier they didn't know what they would be getting into and it took around 2.5 to 3 hours to complete.

Do you know how long that is? To frame it out a little bit, we watched an entire episode of Dr. Oz (which I'm usually against, but it as his interview with Megyn Kelly) an entire episode of Ellen, and an entire episode of Days of Our Lives (and I'm convinced that soap operas are insane).

She recovered for quite a bit (about an hour after she got out of surgery) and then we loaded her into the car to head home.... but Aunt Poot's car wouldn't start. Because really. After a bunch of fruitless/pain in the ass phone calls and a jump from two extremely nice nurses (thank y'all SO. DAMN. Much.), we were on our way home. And then a lady in a Dodge Charger almost sideswiped us going about 65.... and then another car tried to push us out in front of an 18-wheeler.... and then we got stuck by a train. After an entire process that took somewhere around ten hours we were home and I got her all settled in. 

The next morning I took her in (downtown) for her post-op appointment and he said while we don't want to jinx anything (please, no!), every thing is looking quite lovely and hopeful. **insert my hopeful/happy sigh here**

And now? She's doing good and we're taking it all one step at a time. Wish us luck.