Monday, April 22, 2013

Once again reminded of age.... thanks Class of 2008.

Today I received an invitation (via Facebook), from a couple of girls that have decided to throw my graduating class and I, a 5 year High School Reunion. I am very aware of how long that I have been out of Highschool, I remember when I graduated (I was there you know). Being reminded of this fact does not bring back "happy" memories, nor does it make Me reminisce of my so-called "glory days".  No, instead it makes me think "Haha Hussies I still fit in my old earrings from Highschool". Not really, but trying to have a sense of Humor about the situation makes Me not want to commit utter "Harry Carry" (if you know what I mean). Please see below for how the invitation was written, and see if you would have been mildly offended. 

**My Invite To 5 Year Reunion: "You guys, we graduated five years ago. That means we graduated BEFORE: 

  • Obama was elected, the first time. 
  • We ever heard of "swine flu" 
  • Michael Jackson died. 
  • Twilight... 
  • The economy tanked. 
  • Obama was re-elected. *
  • Verizon got the iPhone 
  • Lindsey Lohan went to jail...for the first time.                                  

Do you feel old yet? If so, then you should come to our 5 year reunion and hang out with all of your old classmates! This is an interest group only, so if no one is interested, we won't have a reunion. No date set as of now, but the tentative plan is for sometime mid June. We will know more soon! Just a heads up--we plan on having this catered, and will likely be asking for $7-$10 donations per person to cover the cost. 

Let the group know if you're interested, and feel free to add other classmates that I overlooked. Also, if you are in contact with someone who is under a rock and doesn't have Facebook, if you could send either Amber or myself their contact information, that would be awesome! Now have a good day, and don't break a hip! 

Seriously? How are you first going to remind Me that I'm not "getting any younger" and then ask for money? Really? Are these people Nutty? When I received this invitation I thought to myself "WTH", I can't believe they would even include them two factors in the same invitation. It was a nice thought. I'm sure that it will be a lot of fun. I'm not going on a count of work, and things like that, but I'm sure there are a lot of my former classmates going. I hope that they have fun. It was nice of them to send me an invitation. I Think...