Saturday, June 1, 2013

See what happens when you make us be around people?!

Well, today was our Annual Company Picnic. Although, it was the first one I have ever attended since this is my first year at this job. It was fun. Good food, good fun, and for the most part (you know I'm right) good company. It was very hot out. I thought so at least. I should've wore cooler clothes. I was trying to be considerate of others so they wouldn't have to see me in shorts and such. Next year, I don't care, they'll just have to deal with it cause I was burning up! 

We had it catered, had a face painter/balloon artist, and of course had a few beers. It's good for you when it's that hot outside. Hot Weather + Cold Beer = Good Times. It's a proven fact. I had fun playing with the kiddos (I mostly spent kiddy time with Janie), and we all watched some of the guys play basketball. Chris got hit in the face and went down compliments of AM. I was playing with Janie on the playground, and when I looked up I honestly thought Derek had hit Chris in the face cause they got into it. Nope, AM sent a "airball" flying and Chris never seen it coming. He looked rough for a minute after that one. I talked to Aunt Susi, Uncle Roger, Inigo, Mary, Patsy, Debbie, and Heaven quite a bit. We all had a good day (for the most part at least).

This is what Me and Aunt Susi occupied ourselves with for awhile...(Corona was mine, Smirnoff was Aunt Susi) Inigo and Uncle Roger of course had quite a few too. Janie was first in line for the Face Painter/Balloon Artist...(Cutest Kitty Cat EVER!!) She was so patient and adorable that it was completely worth the heat seeing her this happy. After quite a few Corona's I let Inigo talk me into this...See what happens when you let us drink in public? Yeah, I know I really shouldn't have let her talk me into that, but it was alot of fun. We were just goofing around. It was all fun and games until sweat and water got the best of us and our mustaches started running. Yeah, you heard me right. We had black paint everywhere! Now, this picture looks completely inappropriate. Yes, we all are very aware of how bad it looks. It looks really bad, but Little Janey insisted that the Balloon Artist make me a sword and hat (because I was captain...duh) and that we hold it together and have our picture taken. I swear that kid could talk a bald man into buying shampoo. Seriously, that's how cute she is! Quit Laughing! Get Your Mind Out Of The Gutter! Sadly, this is not even the strangest picture taken. They had about 15 of these swords made and they look even worse than this one. But, Janey insisted that her and I hold it up proud and have our picture taken. What can I say? What Janey wants from me, she usually gets. 

After hours of food, fun, playing, laughing, and drinking we cleaned up and went home. The sun had gotten to me that day so I took a shower and relaxed the rest of the evening. I ran to the store with Momma, Read, Watched TV, had a couple more drinks, and went to bed. Good Times.