Monday, July 8, 2013

A few of the books on my bucket list.

I love reading. Everyone knows this. It's not a secret. Everytime I get a few books off of My Book Bucket List, I end up having to put triple that back on there. It's so wrong. So many Books, So little time. These books are one's that I have and just haven't had a chance to read, books that people keep insisting that I read, or one's that I feel that I need to read sooner rather than later. Can you tell I'm a bit of a Chelsea Handler fan? All of my friends keep insisting that I read these "50 Shades of Grey" novels. Yes I know. I still haven't read them. The entire country has read them. Actually I'm pretty sure that the whole world has read them. It's this huge phenomenon and I'm over here like, "Ahh maybe I will, maybe I won't". I know I'm horrible. But now their talking about making it a movie, and I know me with movies. I'll be watching the movie, and I like reading the books first, so I think that I'm going to have to break down and read the trilogy. Yes my friends, I think I'm going to have to finally give in. Dang it. Oh well, it will be nice to know what the hell people are talking about.

The only reason that those Gabriel's novels are on this bucket list is because they are written by the same woman that wrote the "50 Shades" trilogy under a different pseudonym. I figured if I go ahead and read them that by the time people start talking about them that I'll already know what's going on. Unlike now. I have no clue. Just saying. "Voyager" is the third novel to a series that I started reading about six years ago. By started six years ago, I literally mean I read the first book in the series six years ago, and have not read any more of them. I know it's sad. But there are like nine books in the series so far. I have them all, but dang their like 1,000 pages long each and in very tiny print. Now that I think about it, I should read the second one first. Actually, I should just start from the beginning and read the whole series through. Damn. I've decided I need to start from the beginning. Wish me luck!! I want to read all of Chelsea Handler's books. I'm a big Chelsea Handler fan just for the plain fact that I think she's hilarious! That alone makes me want to read her books. 

I'm fascinated with the 80s. Everyone knows that. I would have loved to live back in the 60s, 70s, 80s. I say that because I only see all the amazing/fascinating things, not the bad things. Kind of like I think it would've been cool to live back in the 1700/1800's. It's always fun until you have to do it. Anyways, the reason I want to read "Confessions of a Groupie" is just to read some more about the 70s/80s. What can I say? I'm fascinated!! Finally, "Some like it Wild" is a novel by my favorite author (Teresa Medeiros). I have all of her novels including this one, I just haven't had a chance to read it yet. I think that I actually might get to start this one tonight though! Fingers-Crossed!! These are NOT EVEN CLOSE to all of the books on My "Book Bucket List", but hey it's a start! :)