Saturday, July 20, 2013

A "serious" discussion between Dani and I.

Yesterday Inigo and I had some very important topics that we felt the need to discuss. After a hard day of work and invitation making, Danielle's a slave driver over invitations we needed a small "chillaxing" moment. These seemed really important to us at the time. Just go with it.

#1: What kind of Beer were we going to drink at the New Brewery down the road from the Shop when we got off work.

#2: Who was going to play "Christian Grey" in the film adaptation of the E.L. James trilogy Fifty Shades of Grey.

Yeah, we know. Not the most important topics. It's not fixing anything, but it's a little "girl talk" and we needed it. Seemed like good topics to us at the time. Beer and pretty men, I mean Come On! Just saying.

Just to fill you in the Beer was great! The Brewery was extremely HOT. 93 degrees in there, but it didn't get any hotter than that, and it didn't keep us from drinking! Yacht Rock was my favorite brew, and so worth the heat!

 (Sorry the pictures aren't that good, but you get the point, it was HOT and camera's were blurry!!!)

Since Danielle has read the Fifty Shades book and I haven't she probably has a better understanding of what the character is supposed to be like. That of course didn't keep me from having my opinion though, and we decided we would have a draw. Observe our votes...

*Danielle's Vote(s) or #1 Contender(s) If You Will...

 (Henry Cavill)

(Alex Pettyfer)

*America's (Fangirls) Vote(s) or #1 Contender(s)...

(Alexander Skarsgard, Alex Pettyfer, Stephen Amell
Ian Somerhalder, Matt Bomer)

*My Vote(s) and #1 Contender(s)...

(Sam Worthington)

(Charlie Hunnam)

Don't get me wrong. All of these men are very pretty attractive. Like Seriously attractive, but I love Sam Worthington and think that he's completely under-rated. I think that he would do that role justice, just like every other film that he's ever been in. And Charlie Hunnam has been a favorite of mine for a couple of years now. I think that he could play the role excellent. He's proven that he's a versatile actor, and I think that he has alot to offer. 

That was how Danielle and I bonded spent "girl time". We're very diverse like that. One minute we go from beer to men, and then switch to books to work and music. That Lumineers song (The Morning Song) that she insists that I listen to makes me want to jump off of a bridge. Seriously! Sad freaking song! But since she listens to my Country, I guess I'll listen to that song. We're just all over the place all the time! I can't focus and she just goes with that fact. It works for the most part. I guess we'll see which one of us was right, and who gets cast. Who really knows?