Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy Independence Day!!!

"He Lay Where He Had Fallen. Enemy Fire Had Brought Him Down. He Knew His Life Was Over, As He Lost All Sight and Sound.

He Knew a Peaceful Sleep, Amidst the Raging Guns of War, But for Him the Fight Was Over. He'd Gave His All..And More.

Oh, He Was Not Alone. Others Have Fallen Too. And Time Will Not Erase the Fact... They Fell for Me and You.

We Owe These Men and Women, For They Never Got Any Older. We Didn't Even Know Them. To Most of Us They Were..Unknown Soldiers.

So Rest in Honored Glory, Each and Every One of You. You Gave All You Had to Give... For Freedom and the Red, White and Blue"
~Connie Moore