Friday, September 27, 2013

In true Danielle fashion.

I'm "finger dancing" while wearing my Peyton Manning Jersey. Yes, that's right to answer your question Anthony Dean...I still wear Manning. Why? Because he's the shit, that's why! I don't care if he's a Denver Bronco now, blue goes better with my eyes. :) And yeah, I like Tim Tebow too! I LOVE to "Tebow"!! I ain't wearin' it, if I can't Tebow in it! It's a guideline to life really. Danielle is a bad influence on me. I've been around her too much, because now I'm convinced that "finger dancing" is appropriate for all occasions. It's Not. The cops in the Taco Bell were looking at me like I was...Cray! I was all- "No Officer you can't take me to jail! Uncle Roger expects me back at work!" So the "finger dancing" had to be kept down too a minimum. My bad. I had Momma laughing though.

Can you tell I'm really Happy that it's Friday?! Who's excited? Yeah, you got that right...This girl right here!!

You  may ask yourself why I'm so excited for the weekend. What big plans do I have that would cause this kind of enthusiasm? Well, the answer is simple- I don't have any. None. Zilch. Zero. Nope. Nada. My only plan is to do whatever comes to mind. I'm sure I'll get rigged into doing something, but for the most part it's a whole lot of Nothin'. It's been a long week and the day seems to want to drag on so that my happiness is prolonged. Go figure. Bud Light- My Love, you're so close, yet so far away!! Just kidding. Kind of. I also have two other pieces of good/happy information...Just cause. One, Jayna paid me a visit at lunch today! Cutest kid ever? Uhh...yeah!! Two, Charlie Hunnam was voted Sexiest Actor Alive by Glamour Magazine. Just so ya'll know...I voted...for him...that's right. Just thought that you should know. I don't know why. Also, I think I may be a bit in love with Joseph Gordon-Levitt thanks to that video that I posted yesterday. I knew that he was awesome ever since Angels in the Outfield. Danielle and I have been rocking out to Country Music all day! New and Classics! Just putting that fact out there. Moving on...

After a long morning of dealing with idgets just to get a dang cinnamon/raisin biscuit (that Uncle Roger refused to eat by the way because he had poptarts, but it's all good I still love him) and mounds of paperwork that made me want to run around chanting- "At-tic-a!! At-tic-a!!" while fist pumping the air, with slicked back hair, (name that movie) I am ready to have a peaceful weekend. Yeah right! When was the last time that a peaceful weekend came and went? Oh the joys of City life. Always with the traffic and loud neighbors. It's all good though, I'm fairly used to it by now. While I'm writing this a million thoughts are going through my head. Mostly tv shows that I want to watch, and books that I want to read. Oh the possibilities! Lame much Katie? By the way, please excuse the fact that I look like I've been run over by a big ole truck. Like I said, long week. Note To The Public: I would just like to go on the record by saying that the more they play that "Saw-Hanna Haunted Acres" commercial on the radio, the more creeped out that I do in fact get. It's just not right!! That's a creepy ass voice people! I'm paranoid enough and frankly don't know anyone that I can hide behind or would let me crawl into their coat with them out of fear if I was to go.

I'm just trying to get ya'll to realize how ready that I actually am for Friday evening!! My Inner Goddess is wearing a pink feather boa and combat boots, ready to stomp in the mud and do the tango! Good thing it's her doing the tango and not me. I can't dance for love nor money. I have two left feet and the coordination of Gracie Lou Freebush! Trust me it's not pretty. And don't believe whatever Momma and some of my old friends tell you about "that night at the bar". It was a fluke! Don't ask. Since I need to quit this undirected rambling, and I don't feel like proof-reading today (Blah! Not happening!) I guess I leave with one very important question. It would answer the question of why this post was even written to begin with, and why I sound like I'm Cray. It would also explain why I think that I have an Inner Goddess and why I'm recalling the extremely embarrassing time that I "broke it down". Again, don't ask. It was a really long night. The true question is- "What was in that Taco?"