Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Another fine Irishman brought down by the bottle.

As y'all know, every Tuesday night, I stay up very late just so I can watch my favorite tv show- SOA. It's a rule of mine, and last night was no exception to that rule. Just so everyone is aware, I'm really loving these 90 minute episodes. Kurt Sutter, you are the shit man! Last night's episode was without a doubt.... VERY INTENSE!! It was so intense and so many things happened that I implored the help of Megan Masters to help me summarize it. Season06, Episode05- The Mad King.

Before we get into the "heavy" I would just like to say not only were there intense/nerve-racking parts in it, there were also a couple really funny scenes. My favorite being between Jax and Chibs. In the scene they were chasing a few Irish guys through a warehouse, and to get one of them Jax drives a truck through the wall, wrecking into cases of beer, and hitting the man they're after. When he got out of the truck, the conversation between them was priceless. Chibs: "JESUS.... another fine Irishman brought down by the bottle." Tig: "Nice driving." Jax: "Thanks." Insert laughter here. 

With the clubhouse on lock down after last week’s murderous events, the guys, with retaliation in mind, head out to find Galen. Various beat-downs, car chases and shoot-outs later, Jax & Co. locate an Irish member who leads them via phone call to the Kings’ higher ups. The men listen as Jax suggests they team up with Damon Pope’s old associate August Marks, no matter that the Kings are notoriously and viciously racist. Unbeknownst to Jax, Galen is in on the conference call and immediately nixes the idea. Divulging his plans from the Season 5 finale in which Clay forms his own crew and takes over the gun run for the Kings from Belfast, the increasingly nefarious foe explains that as soon as they’ve broken Clay out of prison, “Our history with the Sons of Anarchy has come to an end. Jax gets what he wants: out of guns… and ties severed.”  The Kings later connect with Jax and tell him to gather “a full table” at the clubhouse for a vote; they’ll call him back at 8 o’clock with their decision. “Maybe their greed is trumping their racism,” he says naively to a cautious Chibs, after Chibs confronted him about the situation and you got to see the bond/ brotherhood/ love that we all especially me love/ miss between those two.

Tyne Patterson is desperate to “find a bad guy” to take the fall for that school shooting, and reveals to Eli that she intends to use Tara to do so. Tara’s plans to double-cross Gemma hit a snag when Wendy begins to fall for the queen’s charms. “This push and pull with Tara, I hate it,” a seemingly genuine Gemma tells her. “I loved you, Wendy. A lot. You were a good fit for Jax.” After confessing her reluctance to Tara, Jax’s not-so-doting wife refers to Abel as Wendy’s son and explains, “I can’t do this without you.” Wendy once again comes around, but only if she can spend time with Abel. Tara agrees. Clay arranges a conjugal visit with Gemma, simply as a means of filling her in on the Kings’ plans for Jax and the club. Unfortunately, a pair of corrupt cops insist that Gemma sleep with her estranged ex while they watch, “A conjugal is a conjugal, Morrow,” one hisses. After some hesitance and few nasty punches at the hands of the guards, Clay whispers, “I’m so sorry,” and the couple complies. Gemma later confesses the emotional incident to Nero, who, visibly shaken, says he’s “trying” to be OK with it.

Unser approaches Tara about her meeting with Wendy which he previously interrupted. “Not sure what was going on, but I got the impression it’s very hush-hush. Pretty obvious you didn’t want the queen to be privy… Exit strategy? Do you need my help?” Not sure how to respond, Tara asks, “If I said yes…?” He replies, “Then I’d say I’m gonna need to know all the facts… It’s an offer. Think it over.”

Mere minutes before heading to “church” Jax notices a green, Irish-themed pen on the clubhouse bar. He immediately realizes that the Kings set them up and planned to kill the club, and everyone in its proximity via a just-delivered keg rigged with an explosive. The bike shop is quickly vacated, with Tara and Thomas making it out, and Jax and Chibs just barely escaping with a sleeping Abel before the entire place goes up in flames. Chibs refused to leave without Jax, yelling the whole time, “Jackie! Jackie Boy!! Come On!” It was amazing and very intense!

The final shot: Everyone, including Eli, who’s just arrived to arrest Nero for the murder of that Diosa gal, stares on in horror. And here's the sneak preview at next weeks episode Season06, Episode06- Salvage.