Tuesday, October 29, 2013

I don't know what the title meant.

Tonight I watched SOA (didn't see that one coming did you?). Sorry, but I'm not sorry. I can't help the fact that I'm mildly obsessed with this particular show. Sorry but I still haven't watched last Sundays episode of TWD, I know but I've just not been into it yet, yay for DVR, am I right? You know, I never thought the day would come to where I was some sort of "fangirl", my generation was Harry Potter and Twilight for Goodness sakes, which I love but am not obsessed with, but I guess I was wrong. I am definitely something along those lines. Oh, well. Last night was Season06, Episode08- Los Fantasmas. I don't know what that means, but there was a bunch of heavy stuff that "went down" on that episode. Let me just tell you. Holy crap!

SAMCRO's possible involvement in the school shooting was finally made public when the DA (Patterson) leaked the club's name to the local newspaper. Because of this the guys had to be very careful what they did, because they were being watched by everyone lawful and domestic. While Jax and the guys were talking to some of Nero's guys about the situation they were all in, a man ran down one of Nero's guys pretty gross too, and later when Nero's men went for revenge, Jax realizes that the guy's kid died in the school shooting. He stopped them from killing him, telling them that this was all cause of the press, asking what they would do if it was their kid, and they all left before the cops showed up. Jax apologized on the way out to the unconscious man. Uhh.... insert sob here, because that was some sad stuff people! I'm very emotional when it comes to certain things. Later when the cops come for the man for the hit&run, he stabbed himself in the neck, while clutching his son's picture, killing himself. When Patterson shows up she realizes what the newspaper story had done and she appears to show emotion. Sadness? Remorse? Guilt? With her, who really knows. She seems intent on getting Jax and the guys regardless of the consequences or who gets hurt/killed in the process.

While in jail, Nero tries to take the fall for the KG-9 that was used in the school shooting. He tells Patterson, "It wasn't Teller who supplied the gun, it was me, I'm responsible for the death of those children." However evidence clears him and implicates the late Toric, in the Diosa murder, and Eli helps Patterson see that his confession is bogus and she cuts him loose. Juice tells the guys that he delivered Connor back to The Kings, but informs Jax that they've decided to keep him stateside and that he's actually "a decent guy." But something seemed a little "fishy" about that one, if you know what I mean. Something's definitely going on with ole Juicy, he didn't even flinch when the car about hit him. He just stood there all stoic and stuff. I don't know what exactly, but something is definitely up with him. Mark my words on that one.  

Recovering from her "miscarriage" that she faked by the way, Tara reiterates to Jax how important it is that he cut ties with Gemma, a decision that he is on board with since he is furious/disgusted with his Mom for causing his wife/baby harm. Unser had plenty of questions/concerns/suspicions for Tara too. After they talked a bit he said to her, "I'm not upset about Gemma, doll, I'm upset about you. It breaks my heart that you had to become something so wrong to do what you thought was right." After she asked him if he was going to keep her secret, he says yes, but informs her that he can no longer help her or be apart of all of her schemes. He later attempted to come to Gemma's aid by explaining to Eli who has his suspicions about Gemma's guilt, that he should steer clear of any further SAMCRO drama, specifically when it came to the family variety. Unser gave Gemma a ride home from jail and during that ride he tried to reason with her, basically begging for her to let this latest Tara incident go. He tells her, "What drives you is bad history, it ain't real, and it ain't what's best for those boys.... you've got a lot of love in you Gemma, sweet, deep love, I've seen it, but it's so wrapped around secrets and hate, I don't know if you could find it anymore." Dude was just full of dang wisdom on this one. And just a side note, Chibs and Tig really stepped up in this one too, knowing what Jax was going through. They had his back and then some. Gotta love em!

Tara finally broke a little after a visit with her Attorney (Lowen), who for the first time questions Tara's actions. By the way, I really don't like Lowen. Turncoat. Tara went a little nutty in the bathroom after Lowen left and started talking to herself in the mirror. She was whispering to herself, "you stop it", but finally calmed herself down and was resolved by walking away. She went to the new "clubhouse" and her and Bobby have a bit of a heart-to-heart. She questions him about Jax's ability to really, truly make the club a legitimate business. Bobby pleads to her, "Don't give up on him, Jax is someone who needs to be with someone, always been that guy. I don't know if we're gonna make it.... but he ain't got a chance without you." She seemed a little affected by this.

Jax also finds himself on the receiving end of a harsh reality check, when a desperate Wendy showed up at his house looking for Tara. He immediately and angrily, rejects her, to which she responds sadly, "I'm tired of being hated." I have no sympathy for her, personally. She had caused and still is causing a lot of problems. Gemma confronted Wendy about the "ugly incident" at her apartment too. Instead of "taking her out", she offers her a deal. She tells her, "Help me prove what Tara has done.... I'll make sure Jax doesn't kill you." Wendy, who earlier in the episode purchased some heroin, seems receptive and asks Gemma to take the drugs with her, but Gemma leaves them and challenges her to prove that she can be a good mom. Wendy fails and gives in to the urge to shoot up. Go figure. This is like the third time that she's OD'd, hussie should definitely be dead this time. You know I'm right. It looked like she left a note though. Wonder what that says.

When Jax finally runs into Gemma at the hospital, for the first time since Tara "lost the baby", it was explosive and intense. She tries to explain to him that she was "set up", but he is resolute in his decision to eliminate her from his life. He tells her, "You're a liar and you're a sick twisted bitch, let this eat into your head mother, you're never gonna see my wife, and you will never see those kids again. Grandma is dead." It was sad and emotional to watch. Speaking of sad and emotional, let's talk the ending. Back at their house, putting their kids to bed, Jax and Tara share a truly gut-wrenching exchange in which the semi-estranged pair finally address the gaping distance between them:

Jax: "I'm lost here Tara. I'm trying to put it back together, but I don't know if I can."
Tara: "I know."
Jax: "I just feel so far away from you now. I know that's my fault. Please, just tell me how do I get back?"
Tara: "I'm not sure."
Jax: "Babe.... please let me back in."
**and insert Katie crying like a little bitch right here**

I told you that it was intense/emotional. Next week is going to be just as bad, if not worse. That damn Kurt Sutter gets me everytime! And as always, here's the promo for next weeks episode, Season06, Episode09- John 8:32.