Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Sons of Anarchy: Season06, Episode04.

I'm still going strong on watching the sixth season of SOA. Tuesdays episode was.... INSANE!!! For starters, Tig is alive! Woo-freakin-Hoo. That man is hilarious! I don't know how he is still alive or what's going to happen because of it, but I'm happy about it for now. Jax is still going through a lot with all of his priorities and decision making that he has to do.

Unser got attacked by three guys at Teller-Morrow, Gemma found him. Nero got questioned about that prostitute that got murdered that Toric framed him for, but Eli knows something fishy is up. Tara and Wendy are in cahoots.... just as I suspected! They are against Jax and Gemma, therefore I like neither of them. I've never like Wendy, and I'm pretty sure they should just let me play Tara's part so she's replaceable.

Chibs told Jax he sounds like/acting like Clay. Chibs had always been a favorite of mine. Phil and another Prospect got killed by Galen O'Shay. The club retaliated by shooing up the Irish house and killing five/six people in it.

Finally, Toric took Clay to see Otto to try and convince Clay to rat. Clay hugged Otto and slipped him a shiv. Otto cried and it was very sad. Then when Clay wouldn't rat Toric tried to convince Otto to. After Otto wrote something derogatory about Toric's sister (that Otto killed, framed Tara for, and then bit off his own tongue), Toric attacked him. Otto stabbed him with the shiv, and when the guards came in he slit Toric's throat. He then ran towards the guards so they would open fire on him. The show ended with the Club burning and burying Phil and other dude. It was a crazy/intense/awesome episode. I love me some SOA. But y'all already knew that.

Until next time.... Season06, Episode05, The Mad King-