Wednesday, December 4, 2013

A sorrowful rendition of "You Are My Sunshine."

Well, it's Wednesday and as per the usual from September through December, Wednesdays are the days that I we talk about what happened on last nights episode of SOA. Where to start?! Well, for one, the song that played at the end that the episode was named after, just happened to be the saddest/eeriest version of You Are My Sunshine that I've ever heard in my entire life. Thank you, Jamey Johnson, Shooter Jennings, and Twiggy Ramirez. I swear, I could sit and listen to Jamey Johnson sing to me for hours upon hours. I love his voice. Moving on.... last night was the last episode before next weeks Season Finale. That's right, only one episode left this season. Ahh!! To start off, let me just be the first to say, everyone keeps shooting everyone, but I don't feel bad about this, because they've all had it coming for quite some time. Even though the Sons also deserve it, let's face it, I don't want any of them dying. I know that some if not all will, but that doesn't mean that I like it. Kurt Sutter's not Walt Disney, after all. Good.

Here are the Main Points of the Night:
  • Tara Made Her Move: Literally. After using this entire season to "get 'her boys' outta Charming", she actually finally left. While she originally intended to make a deal with the D.A. and go into witness protection, she decided to make a run for it and is now a fugitive. She pulled a gun on Unser telling him- "We'll be safe" in order to leave with the boys.When they were walking out Wendy ran after Abel screaming- "Abel, I'm your real mommy, I love you!" Causing Tara to react and punch her in the face. Boy, did she go down like a sack of taters. While driving away, Tara is talking to Abel and tells him- "Everything I do is for you and Thomas. That's my job." Now it's just a big question of what will she do now that the DA and the MC are after her?
  • The Big OD: And go figure this time it actually wasn't Wendy. Good thing, because that damn woman can't do anything right. No, this time it was actually.... Juice. Now, I know we all knew that something was going to happen to Juice, he's been super depressed and feels beyond guilty about everything that he's done here as of late. So, what's the answer to that? Well, apparently for him that meant taking six 80mg Oxycontin and almost die. Who misses the old fun Juice? This girl right here. Don't worry though, he happened to be at Diosa with a girl when he OD'd so Gemma and Nero ran in and saved his life. Gemma straight up stuck her fingers down his throat gagging him until he puked it all up. Like a Boss! 
  • The Truth About Darvany Came Out: Juice, who like I said is extremely depressed, in his condition finally reveals that he killed Nero's cousin's girlfriend Darvany. Nero was of course horrified with this little piece of information and dropped Juice and stood there looking at him. Juice:"I'm sorry, I didn't want to do it. Jax said it was what I had to do. I'm sorry." It looked like Nero was about to kill him, but cut to a little later and it shows Nero covering him up in the bed, Juice sleeping. See he does have a big ole heart, but what's he going to do now?
  • The Reaction: After learning that Tara made a run for it, Gemma was pissed beyond belief and Jax was completely devastated. Seriously? Y'all really didn't see this coming? Hello, Jax! After everything that she's done already, I can't believe this shocks you. Who knows what Jax is going to do about all of this. He did have a bit of a breakdown and trashed Abel's room, you know. When Nero showed up he found Gemma looking at Jax and told him that "Tara had ratted and ran off with the boys." You think that Nero is going to confront and beat Jax, but instead he puts a hand on his shoulder for comfort. Confrontation put off until next week. 
  • The Recovery: Bobby is alive and recovering!! Thank you, Tara, for taking care of that before you went all crazy again. Bobby is recovering, but far from being fully at himself. He thanked Tara and told her that they loved her. Aw, gotta love you some Bobby Elvis!
The Other Points of the Night:
  • Tig is off the hook with Pope Industries. The deal that Jax set up between the Irish and August/Niners, Whatevs, cleared Tig with Pope as far as August was concerned. Yay Tiggy!!
  • They got Happy back!! I was stressing about that for a minute. I freakin' LOVE Happy and would have been so upset had Lin's crew "offed" him. The best line of the night? Happy- "I love you guys". Insert shooting Lin and his crew here. Tig- "And we freakin' love you too man". See, one big "Happy" family. :)
  • Chuckie tried to take chinchillas for payment on car repairs, to which Gemma replied- "I'm about to strangle one of these furry little things in front of you in a minute." Chuckie's reply? "I barely accept that." How does anyone not love Chuckie?
  • Jax met with Patterson to talk about what happened in last weeks episode, and let's face it, she knew she got played. She told him that they had to finish their investigation and then she would decide if Jax had held up his end of the bargain. Frankly, I don't like Patterson. At all. I know she's all "justice this" and "justice that", but basically she wants someone to put everything on so she can raise her stature and she doesn't care who it is that takes the fall. Guilty or Innocent. 
So now we are just left with about a million questions going into next weeks Season Finale. What will happen with everything? Will Jax find Tara? Will Bobby make it? What are the repercussions from Juice's OD going to be? Jax and Juice? Jax and Nero? What about when Gemma confronts Unser about Tara taking the boys? Nero and Gemma? Juice and Nero? Chibs, Tig, and Happy? Oh me, oh my. What's going to happen? What?!!?! Kurt Sutter, you are a psychotic genius that keeps me on edge.

And of course, the promo for the Season Finale- Season06, Episode13- A Mothers Work. It's sooo worth staying up late and being tired the next day for. Only one week left though. :(