Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Is it Fat Tuesday or Pancake Day??!

Today we celebrate Mardi Gras. When people think Mardi Gras they think beads, boos, and boobs. Not necessarily in that order. You know I'm right.

However, for those of us that don't live in awesome New Orleans (I'm assuming that it's completely awesome, I don't know for sure because I've never been, but I think it's a safe bet) we celebrate with cake. And beads. And we still have to go to work, because- Hello! No one else is paying the bills people.

 Don't judge. Just because I get cake for breakfast doesn't mean that I'm still not too tired to smile properly.
P.s. Why does my dark brown hair look reddish orange in this picture??

So this morning at work we had cake. And it was delicious, because like I said- it was cake. 'King Cake' if you want to get technical. We all took pictures of it, of each other, and of course Aunt Susi got a picture of me licking the Baby Jesus covered in icing, that I'm sure she'll use for future blackmail purposes. Jokes on you Aunt Susi- that icing was delicious!!

They informed me of the fact that you are supposed to eat cake for Mardi Gras and we call it "Fat Tuesday" last year at work. (It was my first year here). But today thanks to Instagram and Yahoo, I've seen about a million (I'm being overly-dramatic) people calling it Pancake Day, and there are pictures of pancakes everywhere. So my questions are- Is it "Fat Tuesday" or "Pancake Day"? Do we get pancakes or king cakes? Why can't we get drunk at work in honor of this day? Just thought I'd ask. Happy Mardi Gras Day!!