Thursday, March 6, 2014

Oscar or not, I still love and learned everything from him.

As most people know the 2014 Oscars were this past Sunday. And as most know, I was chanting for my man- Leonardo DiCaprio- to win. Because, well, he should already have like at least five Oscars by now. All I can say about him not is- robbed. Every. Single. Time. It literally took me this long to write this post, because I was so heartbroken.

Don't get me wrong, Matthew Mcconaughey is the bomb is that slang still a thing? I'm not sure, but I still wanted my guy to win. The LAST FOUR TIMES. More than that really, because those are just the times that he was nominated, not counting the times that I thought that he should've been nominated. Gangs of New York was a FANTASTIC movie/remake. I don't care what anybody else says. Not only is he beyond amazing, but I have taken life lessons from him ever since I was a kid. Well, his characters at least. You wanna know some? Well, I thought that you would ask, so I decided to share a few with y'all.

It's ok to be different:

My first life lesson came in the form of a little feller named Arnie. Arnie taught me at a young age that it was ok to be different. He taught me that no one is the same and just because someone is different doesn't mean that you should treat them that way. We all have feelings and your actions can affect someone elses feelings. Don't be a giant douche, just be who you are and accept other people for who they are too. If everyone was the same- how boring would our lives be? Seriously, don't be a jerk.

Real men wear suspenders:

When I started noticing guys (I was a late bloomer) I was very disappointed to find out that they didn't in fact still wear suspenders. I know that when most people think suspenders they think little old guys, but I think- sexy! Leo wears suspenders, so it must be amazing. (Yes we are now on a nickname basis, I know, right?) He gets better looking as he ages and you know what? He is still totally rocking those suspenders.

Not everything is what we think that it is: 

Sometimes we tend to look at something or a situation and automatically assume we know what's happening or going on. But that's not always the case. Sometimes things can look picture perfect and it will be the exact opposite. Sometimes you may think that you have the upper hand and then next thing you know you're flat on your back with Daniel Day Lewis stabbing you. Maybe you think that you're a detective trying to protect the world and you end up being a psycho killer that murdered your entire family and are now committed to an asylum. Maybe I took that one too literal.

Love knows no bounds:

Yeah, that's right. I started picturing guys in my head to be perfect at a very young age, (Titanic was released when I was seven) and ever since I have been looking for my very own Jack Dawson. Why? Because he knew how to love a lady. He was kind, sweet, attentive, saved her life, gave his for her own and loved her through all of her flaws. Immediately. It didn't matter that he was poor and she was rich. Or that they came from different sides of the planet. No, only that they loved each other.

But be careful what you're looking for:

Although, sometimes you can drive yourself crazy when you think that you found love and it's with the wrong person. They do nothing, but hurt you even though you'd do anything for them. Inception, anyone?

Real men love a curvy lady exactly how she is:
Look at that sexy little smirk.

Does this one really need an explanation? No one wants a stick. I mean, they might, but since I'm a curvy (by curvy I mean short and stout, yes just like the little teapot) girl I'm sticking to this one. Are his ladies rail thin? No, they look like real ladies. They have curves and thickness, and they're usually so beautiful it's ridiculous. And he loves them for it. He looked at her like she was the most beautiful and only woman in the world. No matter if they admit it or not, all women want that.

Don't go swimming in unknown waters with strangers:

Just don't do it. It may seem like a great idea. All fun and sexy and adventurous. It even sounds awesome as I write this, but then shit gets real. You have to come back to reality where you have to learn to survive. (i.e. feeding yourself, getting suitable water, etc. etc.) Then your significant other turns on you and next thing you know you're running for your life and tying a raft together to escape. And that's not even the worst of it. Sharks, people. Sharks.

Don't sass a guy with a gun:

This should be self explanatory. You don't sass a guy with a gun. You don't think that you can take someone with a gun, even if you have one and you're a good shot too. You know where situations like that get you in life? Shot, duh! And no one wants to get shot. Even if you live in the "Old West" (just go with me on this one for dramatic effect) you don't sass a gunslinger. Silly rabbit.

Marriage isn't all it's cracked up to be: 

Yes, I am one of those girls that doesn't feel the need to be married. No, I don't think my life is a giant disaster, because I'm not married at the age of twenty-four. I know plenty of people my age that are married (some with kids) and they are completely miserable. Just because you put on a good front doesn't mean that you're actually happy with your current situation. Sometimes marriage just isn't for everyone and I'm one of those people that had absolutely no desire to be.

Get all the facts before you make a drastic/life altering decision:

We all know the story of Romeo and Juliet. Ok, we get it. But I never really understood the meaning of it until (or after) Leo. He explained it best to me. Those two kids loved each other (oddly after only meeting once and were married within three days...not the best decision) and when they thought that they lost each other didn't want to go on. We've all been there. Well, not exactly there, but you know what I mean. You make life altering decisions before you have all the facts, and then it's too late. Try not to do this.

Some people are born performers, while others (me) are not:

It's true. We can't all be actors, rockstars, and models. Not all of us can be doctors, firemen, and astronauts. Not all of us can be cops, soldiers, or sailors. I We don't necessarily have the talent for such things. Some of us normal folks have to stay grounded and run everything else. The big guy wouldn't be able to function without the little ones. Always a good tip for life.

No one likes an asshole:

No. One. don't be an asshole. It's perfectly ok to be yourself and have your own opinion, but don't try to force them down someone elses throat. Just don't do it. It's uncalled for and it does nothing but push people away. Again- don't be an asshole. Or a douchebag. That is all.

Don't do drugs. Seriously, just don't do them:

No one likes a crackhead. They're twitchy and jerky and seriously annoying. The health/death risks are ridiculous, and it takes a toll on your personal life. No matter the excuse you use or the ones you give, that's exactly what they are- just excuses. There is no reason to start. I'm no saint, I'm not claiming to be, but there are some people that just take things to the extreme. Don't do it. It's so not worth it. 

And those are just some of the things that I've learned from Leo's characters. Not even close to all of them. The man is an amazing/talented entertainer with so much to offer. So many great films, bringing to life so many great characters. How can you look into those gorgeous seafoam eyes and not fall in love? I know that I can't.

So here's to you Leo! Oscar or not, you are a winner in my eyes!! (Like that matters).