Monday, March 17, 2014

Top o' the mornin' to ya!!

Happy Saint Patty's Day, people!! The day of green green green!! Did I mention that I love Saint Patty's Day? Well, I do. I love it, because things are festive, you get to pinch people, there is green beer and....leprechauns. Yes, leprechauns. I would love to show you my very green outfit for this day (today), but unfortunately I haven't taken a picture of myself/my outfit yet today. Oops. So instead I thought that I would share a photo of me from "back in the day" when I was all leprechauned out. Erin go bragh!! Me from when I dressed up for my little people at the nursing home 5(?) 6(?) years ago. I know that it's a blurry picture, and that it's an old one, but it still makes me smile. At the time we weren't thinking- blog, we were thinking- make our little folks happy. And that's exactly what we did :) It was fun, and I was just about the right size to be a leprechaun. All in all, it was a good day! And now- here I am 5(?) 6(?) years later and even happier. Who would've thought? Basically-  Happy Saint Patty's Day!!