Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Lunch with the girls: An inner monologue.

Ok, I'm glad it's lunch time. I'm starving.
Mcalister's? I've never eaten at Mcalister's before. I wonder if they have shrimp.
Dani's brought me their tea before.
Mmmm...sweet tea. That stuff is more addictive than crack.
I think. I don't know, I get my info from- BrBa. And I think that's meth.
How different are the two, really? Who cares. Except people that do it, and BrBa writers.
They won an Emmy. Am I the only one that thinks Emmy sounds like a name?
Aaron Paul is a cutie though. And him and his wife? Adorable.
I should watch his new Need for Speed movie. I like those types of movies too.
I'm gonna wear these sunglasses of Dani's. She won't care, after all they're just thrown in the backseat.
I don't usually sit in the back. Probably because I get so carsick.
I'm ok though. I don't feel sick today.
Not like last night. Last night I couldn't get comfortable to save my life.
It's my back. It hurts in the same spot. ALL THE TIME.
I should go to the chiropractor or something.
But that means I would have to let a stranger feel up on me. I hate people touching me.
Unless they buy me a drink first. Just kidding! I do have personal space issues. I don't like people touching me.

If Aunt Susi keeps holding on like that and stomping her emergency brake she's gonna have an anxiety attack.
I bet those are rough.
Seriously though, she is gonna stomp a hole in the floor board.
I'm glad I found these sunglasses back here. It's so bright out. Ugghhhh...
Ok, I better quit whining, at least it's warm.
Windows down!!
I gotta remember to leave these in the car though.
This trip is taking FOREVER....how long have we been driving? Oh, about ten minutes.
what did they say up there?
Are they talking to me? Huh? Oh, I don't know.
I'll just nod and pretend like I heard.
Nope. Still didn't hear her. What the hell is this song anyways?
Oh, thank the Lord, we're here!!
Hey! They do have tea AND shrimp. SWEET!
.....SWEET TEA!!!
I feel like Forrest Gump and Bubba right now. Bubba Gump shrimp!
I've never ate there before either.
I don't know why I break out into that song so much. Probably because it's so awesome.
Our cashier totally looks like Hunter Hayes. I wonder if Aunt Susi would agree.
Ok, she thinks that I'm crazy. But dude really does look like Hunter Hayes. Only a couple years older. But still.

That was good. Mcalister's is pretty nice.
Don't drop Chris' tea, Katie! Why would she leave me in charge of his tea? She's nuts.
I wonder what ever happened to Pussco.
He was sweet. I really liked him.
He did tell me that I was beautiful though. That was nice of him. Cause he lied, I'm not. Sweet guy though.
I wish I would've met him before I did that actual dilhole that I did date.
Actually I wish that I wouldn't have dated that assface at all.
Pussco and I used to have so much fun, especially riding around in that old white jeep of his.
When we were in it going down those back roads in the summer, it was practically a country music video.
I should look him up on FB to see if he's still doing good.
He lives in California now. I wonder whatever happened to the sunglasses that I left in his Jeep. Or the Jeep for that matter.
I've never wanted to live in California. I would like to go to Santa Monica though.
Theory of a Deadman.

Hey, this guy is getting really close.
Seriously, Dani. That truck is coming into our......LAANNNEE!
Dang that was close. Nope, he's doing it....AAGAIIINN!!
That's right honk that horn! Wow, I've never seen Aunt Susi get up in the windshield to flip someone off before.
That's great! Do it again Aunt Susi!
I'm glad he went on. Now we can get back to work.
I hope they got my bed out and set up today.
I don't wanna do it when I get off work. I wanna put my shorts on, put my clothes away, and finish reading- To Selena, with love.
It's been such a good book! I liked that Beautiful Bastard series too.
Hey, we're back at work.
***Walks up stairs, gets things situated (I didn't spill Chris' tea), sit down to do some typing/work.***
Damn it! Dani's sunglasses are on top of my head! I wonder if she notices, cause they're awesome.