Friday, May 23, 2014

Can I get an amen?!!

In the words of my old friend/co-worker Mark- "Can I get an amen?!! Hallelujah!!" What for you ask? Three day weekends, that's what! Now, I know the whole world doesn't get three day weekends like some of us do, but just so y'all know, I didn't always get three day weekends. No. Not me. I worked for many years before that was ever an option for me.

Actually until I started the job that I'm at now, I think that I worked every single holiday. I started work when I was fourteen, and my first day was Christmas Eve. Funny, huh? And not everything can stop just because it's a holiday. I mean, when I was a CNA, we couldn't exactly shut down the nursing home/rehab center, now could we? Uh, nope. But the job I'm at now is closed on holidays. Well, except for Uncle Roger. He works Every. Single. Day.

Countdown until I have to be at work after today:
3 days, 18 hours & 21 minutes 

What are y'alls plans for this weekend? I don't know all of mine, but I do know that Sunday Momma and I are going to Aunt Poot and Uncle Darrell's. My family takes our beer race days very seriously, you know. They wanted to have some people over for a cook-out and apparently we are starting an annual kickball match. I haven't played kickball since eighth grade and I am feeling the pressure. Uh, I wasn't the best at sports. Except volleyball and wiffleball. I kicked ass in those two. What?! Just saying. Anyways, it'll be a fun time and I'm in charge of bringing the Crown Royal/pineapple juice chips and Momma is baked mac&cheese. Don't you love how much responsibility my family gives me? Plus, Uncle Roger might let us leave work early today and if he does Dani and I are heading straight to the Mexican restaurant down the road to drink Corona and eat guacamole. #StartTheWeekendOffRight Just dropping in for a minute to say-

Happy holidays!! Hope y'all have a fun & safe (3 day) weekend!! Do Not drink and drive!!