Tuesday, May 20, 2014

(We're) all a little mad sometimes.

Katie: I hate auto-correct. Momma: Why? It can be really helpful. Katie: Because never once in my life when I was talking to someone have I meant ducking. Momma: What about when you had pet ducks? Katie: Not even then. Momma: You do have the mouth of a sailor. Katie: And the face of an angel? Momma: You just say that cause that lady that you used to take care of said it all the time. Katie: Yeah, smart lady.

Katie: Ok. I'll take you to get some summer clothes. Shy: Yay!! Katie: Hey! Hey! There will be no happiness allowed during this trip. There is strictly get the clothes, try on the clothes, pay for the clothes, and leave. No fun! Shy: Ok. Yay!! Katie: Damn kids don't listen.

Katie: Should I buy new panties? Charlie: Well, depends?? Katie: I mean for dating. I feel that if I start to date, that I should buy new panties. Charlie: Please, tell me it's for what I think it's for. Katie: What if we're in a wreck? Then the paramedics are gonna look at my ID, know we're not related, and then look at my underclothes and be all- "she wore that on a date?" Charlie: You worked in a nursing home too long. Katie: I don't need their judgement. Charlie: I love you. Katie: I love you too.

Momma: Well, that was really sweet of him. Katie: It's a trick. Momma: What's a trick? Katie: Him. Being sweet. It's a trick. I smell something fishy about it. Momma: Maybe he's just a nice guy. Katie: Nobody is just a nice guy. Except Donnie Wahlberg. But no one else. He's got an ulterior motive. Momma: Don't you think he just might be nice? Katie: No. Momma: Then what? Katie: Serial killer. Momma: No more Criminal Minds for you.

Shy: So. Katie: So? Shy: So, when are you gonna get a boyfriend so that we can double date? Katie: Never. Shy: You never want to have a boyfriend. Katie: No. I'll never be double dating with you and your little boyfriend. Shy: And why not? Katie: Because that seems completely horrible. Shy: Ah! I'm offended. Katie: Good. Shy: Me and my boyfriend are adorable. Katie: My boyfriend and I. Shy: Really? Correcting the way I talk? Katie: Well, if you're trying to make a case. Shy: Fine. My boyfriend and I are adorable. Katie: No. No, you're not. Shy: Yes, we are. We hold hands, and walk with his arms around me and kiss. Katie: Eww. Shy: It's not eww. We're adorable and we're gonna fall madly in love and live happily ever after. Katie: You know why? Shy: Why? Because it's meant to be? Katie: No, because you're 14 and everything in your mind is a scene from The Notebook. Shy: Dream killer.