Tuesday, May 27, 2014

What am I even saying?

As I sit here writing this I feel like I could do some serious damage.... in the nap department. That's what I need right about now. A nap. Just a little one.

I know that I should be fully rested. I mean, we're coming off of a three day weekend here. And I got to leave work at noon on Friday. So why am I so tired?

Well, probably because I'm just coming off of a three day weekend, after getting off of work at noon on Friday.

I have stories. I have things to share with you. Not pictures, because I'm a horrible person blogger and forgot to take any while I was drinking hanging out with the family. However, right now I'm barely even coherent. So instead of half-assing a story, I figure I'll just wait until I can coherently put together a paragraph. Or hell, even a sentence.