Thursday, May 15, 2014

It's day.

20 Since Momma was put into the hospital, and I think that I might have had a slight nervous breakdown and/or panic attack. But I kept my cool and slowly but surely Momma is getting better and better. Yay!! 964 Since I left my old life behind in Tennessee and decided to move to Indiana to start over. I have to say that I'm extremely glad that I made that decision. 7 Since I decided that I may or may not want to let my guard down just a little bit and now I would just like it if they would allow things to go completely my way. 8857 Since the cutest tiny little dark-haired baby was born and her Momma held her so tight that she could have burst. Spoiler alert- that little dark-haired baby was me. 19 Since I've smoked a cigarette. Only twenty-one days to break a habit, right? 2080 Since I met and fell in love with SOA. 1 Since I talked to my old friend that isn't even really my friend anymore. We fell apart, but I'm trying to be the bigger person, so when she seemed upset I messaged to check. I guess karma really is a bitch. 437 Since I started this whole blogging thing. 961 Since I've been single. And that decision? Possibly in the top five best decisions that I've ever made. I'm going for no more jerks for me anymore. Only nice guys. 2185 Since I graduated high school. How old am I sounding right now? 176 Since Austin Winkler left Hinder. 589 Since I started the job that I am at now. 263 Since Nsync reunited for a tribute to Justin Timberlake at the 2013 MTV video music awards, resulting in my inner tween heart doing somersaults. Since that's the only way I can do somersaults. 4166 Since I went to the theater to see Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers. And I still love it, even to this day. #NerdLife. 579 Since I decided to chop my long hair off, and immediately regretted chopping all of my hair off.   

*Please note that some of these dates may not be entirely accurate, but it's my best guesstimate work.