Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Ode to an inanimate object.

My Dearest DVR,

Where do I begin when it comes to a love like this? Where do I start to tell you how I feel about you? I guess that I could start at the very beginning of our love affair you saucy little minx.

I've always been a small town gal and had never heard your name until I moved to the big city. In other words, I never knew how amazing life could be. The options that were open. The love that could grow. Before you, life was just an endless pool of waiting and dealing with the fact that if I missed out on things that the opportunity might never arise again. And then I met you and my life was changed. You showed me that there were so many more options out there for a girl like me.

I lived in fear of missing something that I had been waiting for weeks to see. But then, oh but then, you walked into my life like you were Jude Law riding a unicorn, covered in chocolate, holding a bottle of wine. And my life was complete. It's a love that I have never in my life experienced. I know this is love, true love. And how do I know this? The answer is simple.

You understand me DVR. You don't judge me for binge watching a million different shows at the click of a button. You don't feel the need to ask me why I need to record every single show on NBC while also recording re-runs of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia and Criminal Minds. You don't wonder why I record new episodes of Sons of Anarchy while I'm watching it, and you don't have the desire to change the channel. You let me watch and record as many shows as I want, and you record the movies that I want to see on the channels that we get free on the weekends that I don't want to pay the extra forty dollars for every month.

You don't tell me that I need to put on a bra or pants, and you don't raise an eyebrow in my general direction when I crack open my second bottle of wine in less than 1.5 hours. You don't care that I watch The Night Shift the very next day and you don't mind that I save countless episodes of The Mindy Project that eat away at your storage space soul. In other words- To me you are perfect. You are my soulmate. The one. You complete me.

Love always and forever.
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