Friday, January 16, 2015

A random Thursday night text conversation between me and my brother.

Everyone that knows me and my brother knows that we love each other very much, but we still love to give each other shit on a regular basis. We only had each other growing up as far as siblings go, but we also had a few friends that we consider family as well. I mean, usually when people ask me if I have any siblings if I don't put too much thought into it, I just say I have two brothers, because to me I do. (Here's looking at you Johnathan). So, back to this whole messing with each other thing. You probably should know our sense of humor, and that my favorite word in the entire world is 'bitch' (thank you, Jesse Pinkman) to understand this, but I think it's funny anyways.

Brother: I love you. Katie: I love you too. What do you want?  Brother: Not shit. I just miss you guys. Katie: We miss you too. You're coming up this weekend, right?  Brother: You sleepy? Katie: A little bit. Been up since 4 this morning, why?  Brother: Hey. Katie: Hey. Brother: Yes, why? 2:45, puss. Katie: You're a puss. Brother: What, wimp? Katie: You heard me you punk bitch. Brother: It's easy to talk shit on the phone. Katie: You should know, it's what you've always been good at! Brother: Lol. Well, ain't you funny? Katie: I always have been, bitch :)

And then he stopped texting, because obviously I completely won. I know it, he knows it, and now the entire world (ok, maybe not the entire world, but let me have my pinky and the brain moment) knows it. It's nice being the little sister sometimes (He's 3.5 years older. Geezer.).