Wednesday, May 13, 2015

They re-arranged it for Mothers Day.

This past Sunday, like so many other people, we celebrated Mothers Day. The girls (or at least the majority of them) in our family got together at Dani's house for a little get together/cookout. It rained so thankfully Chris manned the grill and there was a canopy to hide beneath. Nothing to fret over though, it didn't rain long and even if it did, whatevs.

This is the second get together for "us girls" this year. Everybody used to get together at least once a year and they called it the "Sister Thing", because we're fantastic at naming things. Then we moved away when I was real little and I assume that they kept doing it for a few years and all of the sudden stopped. I don't really know what happened; but Aunt Susi (who usually hosted it) decided that she wanted to have us all start doing it again and most people seemed fairly enthused (or at least half/half interested), so we started. {Side note: Susi brought scones to celebrate the birth of the royal baby}.

Also, Momma seemed to have a pretty decent day considering that she was sick. I tell you what, this viral thing that's going around is really kicking ass. It seems like someone from every household has caught it in one form or another. So, fingers crossed that it's over and out for the rest of the year!!