Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Forrest Brady has left the building.

(Aunt Susi has officially retired). 

If you're questioning the headband, just know, she had ALOT of wine.

Her official retirement date is May 31, 2015 (but since she has only worked Monday-Wednesday for the past year and a half it was May 27, 2015). Don't fret for her too much, she has plenty off plans to keep her busy. Not to mention, now that her and Aunt Mary are retired at the same time, I'm sure those two gals will be going off and gallivanting like crazy. And they have road rage, so watch out!!

I think that it was bittersweet for her. Even though she has been excitedly awaiting this day, you have to remember that she's basically been here for forty-one years. She started working at the company in the summer when she was fifteen and started full-time when school was over. With the exception of a few months here and there, she has been here. And now, she's retired.

To celebrate her retirement she of course hung her hard hat (which is customary here) up in our warehouse, I took multiple pictures of her packing up her things (in a box that was far too large to accommodate what little bit there was), the six of us in the office went out to lunch and duckpin bowling on her final day and the following Saturday our family and a couple work related people threw her a party at her house. Yes, we were all going to go out (we're only partially cheapskates), but they wanted a small get together at their house instead.

The first Monday here without her in the office, I was sitting alone and had forgotten to turn the radio on, I immediately text her and told her that this was weird. But that I was still extremely happy for her. She replied with- "You'll have to come see me and I'll have to come visit you on weekends and we have to get together!" To which I replied- "Of course! You do know that even though you're not my co-worker anymore that you're still my aunt Susi, right? I mean, we're gonna see each other." And she of course called me a smartass and all was right with the world.

Congratulations, Aunt Susi!! You're going to enjoy this and you deserve it ten folds!!