Wednesday, June 17, 2015

I'm going to force him to watch what I want, because I can.

(The picture is of me, Greg and our cousin- Bonehead).

With Momma's impending trip to Arkansas for little Arkansassy's wedding (tomorrow- which I am a nervous wreck for, just so everyone is aware), Greg (my brother) and I have decided to hang out and watch movies this weekend. It'll mostly be Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings, because we both work Friday and he works the weekend.


We (and by we, I of course mean me) decided this weeks ago when we found out that Greg would be staying with us while Momma was gone. I was going to be chilling at the house by myself (with Tayder, of course), but now he's staying there, so I'll have a bit of company. I informed him that I didn't want him inviting a bunch of people over, including his girlfriend and that it was just going to be a mellow couple of days (I've been unusually tired lately). Besides, I have to get up early for work Friday, and he has to be up early for work to, so there's really no point. It's not like a couple of teenagers being left alone, we're grown and frankly I don't have the effort nor the energy to deal with or clean up after people.

With all of that being said (and making me sound like a prudy ole bitty) I thought I might give y'all a little insight into what I'll be watching this weekend. (Did you know that you can make lists on Netflix?!!)

Odd Thomas:

I remember Erica talking about these Dean Koontz novels back in the day. He's actually her favorite author, especially for psychological thrillers (mine being of course, Stephen King, I know cliche'). She would be so excited when there was an announcement for the next book in the series to come out (there's seven in total, with the last one being released this past January) and as soon as I heard they were making a movie based on her beloved book, I put a photo of it on her FB page and declared that we had to watch it. I'm sure she has by now (it was released in 2013) and I think it's about time that I see it as well. Afterall, Odd Thomas (yes, that's the characters real name) is played by Anton Yelchin and he's awesome, so why wouldn't I watch it?!

The Fifth Element:

Before you even ask and freak out, yes I have seen this movie. Many times. But like all good things you can never get enough and this good thing comes in the form of Bruce Willis. And Gary Oldman. And aliens. And orange hair. And shit that's completely illogical. And impossible. And I love every single bit of it. The four elements: earth, air, fire and water. But what's the fifth? Before you get all pissy while watching the movie and you're like- "It better not be love. It better not be f******g love." Spoiler Alert: It's totally love.

There's about fifty other things on that list (including Sons of Anarchy and Criminal Minds- both of which I've already seen a bunch of times, but continue to watch, because they're great), but I'm really tired and can't think of any more right now. So, bye.