Thursday, June 11, 2015

Jensen, Jared and Tammy

(Yes, I am very sweaty in that picture- we worked hard, dammit).

Ever since Greg (my brother) started staying with Momma and I we have become accustomed to this little invention called- The Netflix. It's probably just called Netflix, but saying The Netflix makes me feel better about it, so that's what I'm going with.

For those of you that don't know (Although, I assume everyone does and we were just late to the party. Again.) it's where you can watch certain shows and movies through a blu-ray, game station or another little handy advice. We watch it through his PS4 and you would almost think that I'm good with technology considering that I know how to work that. We've watched a myriad of things (i.e. documentaries, because Momma and I are nerds) and there always seems to be something or other that you can find that you're in the mood for.

The only problem? The only problem is that sometimes it's incredibly difficult to decide what exactly you want to watch. Well, that and the fact that once you get started you just want to curl up in a little ball, eat cereal and watch it for hours upon hours. No? Just me? Oops.

We usually agree on what we watch, but every now and then there's resistance. For example, I want to start watching Supernatural (A big undertaking considering there's like 10 seasons) and Momma isn't going for it, because she does not like Jared Padalecki. Ever since he played Dean on the Gilmore Girls, she ain't having it. Team Logan she definitely is. I'm trying to convince her that Jensen Ackles' awesomeness overrules that of Jared Padalecki; I even told her that Jensen is so cool that he literally took Jared's character name (Dean) from the Gilmore Girls and gave it to his own in Supernatural, but to no avail. She just ain't having it. I might start it when she goes to Arkansas next weekend. Shh, don't tell.

Talking about Supernatural reminds me of my old friend/former co-worker, Tammy. Tammy and I worked together for many years and pulled quite a few hours together. Needless to say once you work that closely with someone for that long pulling that many hours, one of two things happen. You either hate each other or you become friends. Lucky for us, it was the latter. We were even friends outside of work. I would go to her house on occasion and we would joke and cut-up. She even went with me and Momma the time that I decided that a spray tan was a good idea and ended up looking somewhere between Snooki and a 'Lost Boy' (Another story for another day). The point is we hung out and had fun at and outside of work.

You may wonder why the show Supernatural reminds me of her (No, she's not a witch, werewolf or any of the such.....that I know of). You could always tell when Tammy and I were working the hall together. Which if we're being honest, was quite often. And you could always tell this, because you could always hear the faint sounds of Supernatural on the televisions going up and down the hallway. You see, when you're getting people ready for their day, they tend to like a little background noise. And they usually don't care what it is. Also, when you're running around like a chicken with its head cut off making beds, passing snacks, doing physical therapy, checking vital signs, filling up carts, passing ice and fifty million other things keeping you on your toes, you need something in the background to make a little noise besides yelling and call lights dinging.

Our something was Supernatural.

Aside from the few little ladies that had to watch "their soaps" (Which by the way, I didn't see for two years and still knew exactly what was happening, and would probably still know exactly what was going on) the rest didn't care and would tell us to just turn it on something. Tammy would insist that we would turn it on the TNT channel, which happened to have Supernatural repeats for a few hours in the morning (and when we worked evenings, there were also repeats). She would go up and down the hall and program (almost) every channel to it. We don't exactly know what happened on the show or anything that was going on, but we listened to it and every now and then would get to catch a glimpse of the pretty guy that is Jensen Ackles (Hello, My Bloody Valentine remake). So, naturally I think that I owe it to us to actually know what was happening in the show and I really want to figure out who that Castiel guy is (I'm assuming he's an Angel, but I really don't know). Also, John Winchester is pretty and this has no point now that I think about it.