Saturday, July 11, 2015

He's coming home.

Back in early December I talked about an old friend of mine that I had grown up with. I wondered how he had been doing and decided to send him a message, just because I was worried and curious. We talked for a bit and caught up, you know, like old friends do. And that was that. We haven't really talked a lot since.

You see, Berry is in the Army. And we're all so proud of him and think that he's beyond amazing. You have to be a certain kind of person to defend your Country and want to protect those you love, and we're all in agreeance that he's that kind of person. He always has been. He joined the military as soon as we graduated High School and has been traveling the world and defending our Country ever since.

Berry and I- circa 2003/2004 (Freshman year). When we still used disposable cameras. Damn, we're old.

He's put the rest of his life on hold. If you have ever known him you know that he's always been one of those types of people that completely dedicates themselves to something when they commit to it. I know this, because we became friends in junior high over the fact that he played football with my brother. Don't get me wrong, we had other reasons that we were friends, but that's how it all started. And he was beyond dedicated to football. Hello, Quarterback. That's right, he was the Quarterback. He was dedicated to it and excelled, because that's just who he is.

He's also been a great friend to have over the years. You won't meet one of us that grew up and were friends with him that have anything, except wonderful things to say about him. He was there to listen and give advice. He would let you cry or make you laugh until you couldn't take it anymore. He's just pretty much awesome all the way around.

He shared this to his FB page and tagged myself and a few other people in it.

He's been in the Army for the last seven years and has done multiple tours. He's put everything else on hold to do what he believed was right. But now, it's almost time for him to come home. And everyone that knows and loves him couldn't be any more happier if we all tried. We've worried about his safety, thought about his well-being and wanted nothing more for him than his very own happiness.

So, break out the fine china, chill the lemonade, tie a yellow ribbon around that ole oak tree, because this guy is coming home!!