Friday, July 31, 2015

I wanted to put my face in my hands and just shake my head.

(Sometimes people are so dumb it makes my brain hurt).

Momma and I dropped Greg off at work on Wednesday and wanted to swing by to get us a fountain drink and look at a couple houses. We turned on a side road to cut through to the gas station instead of going down to the stoplight and passed a truck broke down on the side of the road. There was a girl in it, probably around my age, so we stopped and asked her if she needed some help.
She informed us that her grandpa was on his way to tow her truck and that she was just trying to push it into the parking lot up the ways a little so it wouldn't be on the side of the road. She asked if I would help and I said sure. I got out of our car to go to the back of her truck and push it and she fell out of her truck.

And I don't mean she went to step out and lost her footing. I mean she legit- FELL.

I went around the truck to make sure she was ok and that's when I realized that this girl was messed up. And not your "I'm just having a really bad day" kind of messed up, but the "I've consumed too much alcohol and whatever drugs that I'm taking" kind of messed up. And the only thing that kept repeating in my head was when Dyer used to repeat that saying- "She's tore up from the floor up". And I always thought that it was a dumb saying, but now I understand it. It was made for this girl that I was looking at.

I decided to still help her push her truck just a bit and next thing I know, she put that shit in neutral and was standing behind it with me. I asked her- "Who in the hell is steering?" And she answered with something along the lines of- "Bushkujhduqahjbhcebhkwbdujknsj -insert pause- jkhagbdloqjnfjkmfp". So, I asked her when her grandpa was going to be there to get her and the truck and she informed me that she hadn't really called him yet. I asked how he was supposed to know that he was coming to get her then and she didn't have an answer, she just paused for a really long time.

Then two cop cars pulled up behind us. Now, I'm perfectly fine with police officers, I think that there are a few assholes out there (like with all other things in life), but for the most part, I think that they're good people that get the rough end of the stick.

This girl did not share my sentiment.

She turned around and marched to the front of the truck and sat down in it. Which was fairly hilarious considering the fact that she had to hold onto the steering wheel and seat to stay upright. The female officer passed me and went to her and the male officer (who was a massive guy) asked me what was going on. I told him that Momma and I had seen her broke down and stopped to try and help her. He asked- "So, you're not together?" And I said no and he was like- "Got you".

During this the other officer had started asking this girl questions and the first thing out of her mouth was- "I just got out of rehab. I haven't relapsed".

Oh, honey.

She was so dumb at that moment that I actually wanted to take pity on her. I wanted to take her aside and tell her- "Honey, don't you know when you're clearly inebriated on God knows what, you don't say the words rehab or relapse to a police officer? Unless they ask it and your denying, those words should never come up". And I wanted to buy her a cup of coffee. I wanted to do none of this as much as I wanted to smack my forehead and shake my head at her though.

The officer that I had been talking to then looked at me and said- "You can go, thank you for trying to help her, but we've got it from here". I feel like that was code for: "This bitch is going to jail". Which is probably true considering the fact that when we drove back by on our way home, nothing was there. No cops, no cars, no truck and definitely no girl. All Momma and I could do was look at each other and shake our heads.

Bless her heart.