Sunday, September 6, 2015

The one where I finally got my tooth pulled.

(And looked like a complete reject).

It was a week long process of getting my tooth pulled and while I'm usually a very understanding and sensible person when it comes to all things pertaining to the medical field, this time, not so much.

(You can read about my initial reaction to the dentist here and the follow up to it here).

Now, did I over-react to begin with? Did I maybe take it too far by waving to people using only my middle finger and call people- Bitch- a bit too much? Yeah, no. No, I didn't. I was being perfectly reasonable and all of those people still suck. I would like to give them a pat on the back..... with a chair. But I digress.

The idiocy didn't stop there. I did actually get my tooth pulled on Thursday afternoon and was in the dentist for two and a half hours. TWO AND A HALF HOURS FOR ONE TOOTH. Granted, I did also have the tooth in front of it filled, but the dental assistant did all of that in a matter of fifteen minutes, so fine- TWO HOURS AND FIFTEEN MINUTES FOR ONE TOOTH.

But finally after those two and a half hours at the dentist office being pulled, pried and pinched on, the tooth was out and I only remotely wanted to cut the right side of my head off. My dentist told me to finish off my antibiotics and pain meds (because according to her I would severely regret it if I didn't) and sent me on my merry way with another prescription of pain meds (that I didn't get filled, because I didn't feel like I needed to). My jaw was nice and swollen and the hole in the back of my mouth is giant to say the least.

She was right, I thought that I could go without pain meds on Friday morning, I didn't want to take them at work (and immediately regretted it), but Dani eventually told me to just take some, because we were going home early for a three day weekend anyways. (Not to mention we had to go see our aunt in the hospital on our lunch break- don't ask- so we weren't in the office for real long).  

Therefore, I finished off my antibiotics and pain meds (and might have had adverse affects from the latter and started reciprocating the innocent flirting from a friend of mine on the phone) and I feel better than I have in weeks. My jaw is still a bit stiff and sore (probably from where she held my jaw to the point of dislocating it and hitting my front teeth with the forceps- no I'm not kidding), but nothing like it was. I guess we'll count this as a win?!